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5 Things Your Car Accident Attorney Can Do for You

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

Getting in a car wreck is no fun, and it can mess your life up in all kinds of ways. You might feel happy and carefree before it happens, but in the aftermath, it’s hard to pick up the pieces. You need to do it, though, if you want to move on with your life.

Getting a lawyer to represent you after a crash is probably one of the smartest things you can do. Without one, you’ll have to navigate some confusing or downright bewildering legal territory.

Let’s discuss five of the more useful things that your car wreck lawyer can do for you. You probably can’t handle any of these on your own, so you’ll quickly realize how valuable these attorneys can be for you.


They Can Conduct a Fact-Based Investigation

Whether you need an Arizona car accident lawyer or you are in some other state, investigating your case’s facts is probably the first thing your attorney can do for you. You can lay out the story of what happened, and you might tell your lawyer the truth. However, you are only delivering the facts based on your perspective.

You might feel confident, based on what you know of events, that the crash was another driver’s fault. Maybe a pedestrian caused the wreck if they suddenly jumped out in the road.

Your lawyer can check to see whether there are any circumstances that you don’t know about that can wreck your lawsuit. If they find that everything is consistent with what you said happened, then they can proceed in helping you.


They Can Gather Evidence

Next up, your attorney will probably want to use their investigators to gather physical evidence. Car accident lawyers who focus exclusively on these cases often have investigators on retainer who are always ready to hit the ground running if a client is going to pursue a lawsuit.

These investigators might try to locate video evidence if any exists. They might look for traffic camera or store camera footage if there are any establishments around. There are more cameras than ever these days, and one of those nearby might have caught the crash.

They can interview witnesses and get their official statements. This way, your lawyer can subpoena them later if they need to. They can also take photos of skid marks, physical crash damage, and anything else they feel could help you win.


They Can Mediate Interactions

Another critical lawyer’s job is to mediate between you and the opposing counsel or insurance company reps. The opposing counsel might decide to depose you before the trial.

Your lawyer can prep you for that and tell you what to say and what not to. They can also physically be there during the deposition to make sure the other driver’s lawyer does not do or say anything out of line.

They can instruct you on what to say to an insurance company representative that calls or who wants to meet with you in-person. Generally, you don’t have to give these individuals any statement at all, and your lawyer can speak for you.


They Can File Your Claim on Time

You also must realize that in many states, you only have so much time to file a claim after an accident. Your lawyer will know how long you have, and they will not let that time elapse without you bringing the lawsuit that can recoup all your spent money. You have to act fast because you might be out of pocket for doctor bills, prescription medication, vehicle repair bills, lost wages, etc.

The lawyer knows if there are any clauses or loopholes where you have more time than you realized to file a claim. They know all about the tricks that can get you an extension if you need one.


They Can Negotiate a Settlement

It’s possible that if you’re going to bring a lawsuit, the other driver’s lawyer will conduct their own investigation. They might determine that you have an airtight case, and they will advise their client to offer a settlement.

Your lawyer can look at the offer and tell you whether to take it or not. They might say that this is your best option, or they could tell you that the amount is far too low and that you should continue taking the case to court.

Your car crash lawyer can be your best friend as you try to get your life back on track.  


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