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5 Tips On Making Your Garden Fit For Your New Dog

Getting a new dog is an exciting experience, but you need to make sure that you’re prepared. One important consideration that’s often overlooked is your garden. This is the place where your dog will get their exercise during the day, and often dogs spend most of their time in the garden, so it’s important that you make it a safe space for your new pet. Many people think that you can’t have an attractive garden and keep a dog, but this simply isn’t true. Your dog’s safety needs to be considered, but with a little planning you can create a beautiful, natural space you can both enjoy. 


  • Keep Your Garden Secure


To stop your pet from running away it’s important that your garden is properly secured. There are various different types of fence designed to keep dogs safe and secure, so choose the kind that’s right for your garden’s soil and general aesthetic and check it regularly for breaks or tears so that your dog can’t escape.


  • Remove Anything Your Dog Could Destroy


Pots, play structures and statues can all easily be knocked over by an excitable puppy, so make sure that they are either out of the way or removed from your garden altogether. Create raised flowerbeds instead of using pots, as these will be harder for your pet to destroy and will be more difficult for your pet to run on, as they are raised out of the way. 


  • Reduce The Chance Of Pests


Dogs are prone to picking up pests such as fleas and ticks, so work with a professional pest control firm like Aswatona Pest Control to ensure that your garden is free from any infestation. They can also advise you on how to reduce the chances of your pet picking up any insect infestations, such as by getting rid of any long grass you have in your garden so that pests don’t have anywhere to hide.


  • Get Rid Of Any Poisonous Plants


Certain plants are poisonous to dogs, so it’s important that you learn what plants are safe for them to ingest and which are deadly. Dogs instinctively know how to self-medicate, but they can sometimes eat plants mindlessly, which may lead to them ingesting something dangerous, so make sure that any plants that will kill your dog are kept out of your garden. It’s also important that you don’t use any fertilisers, growth formulas or weed killers that are poisonous to your new pooch, so read the warnings on the bottles carefully before you introduce any new product to your garden. 


  • Avoid Materials That Will Harm Your Dogs’ Feet


Dogs enjoy running and playing in gardens, so make sure that your garden has lots of room for them to gambol and enjoy themselves. Sharp materials such as slate and gravel can hurt your dog and get stuck in their paws, so avoid these and instead use turf or paving so that your dog can have fun in a safe yet stylish environment. 

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