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5 Unusual Crafts You Need to Try

After the last few lockdowns, people have gone in search of new hobbies to keep them amused while they are locked inside. As people have mastered knitting and cross-stitched until their eyes have crossed, they are also looking for new things to do. Buckle up, folks! Here are some of the unusual crafts that we have discovered that you can do during the next lockdown.

Punch Needle

If you have been enjoying needlework and embroidery, then you might enjoy punch needle. The main difference is the needle that is used as it is designed to create a loop pattern with the thread. It is just like loop rug making but on a much smaller scale. These loops create a pile that gives your work a lot of texture. This is a great craft if you have sore hands and find it difficult to hold a needle for long periods.

Hay Crafts

Hay is one of those surprising things that may never have considered creating something with but it is set to be a popular trend in the next few years. The idea is simple, take some hay and shape it into an item. You can create hundreds of different things with hay for sale including dolls, Christmas decorations, and wreaths for your door. The only limit is your imagination.

Yarn Weaving

We are breaking out the big tools and grabbing a loom as we discover the joy of weaving. Weaving your own wool was necessary over 100 years ago, but now we can easily grab a few balls in the local craft shop or order online. Unfortunately, not many of us own sheep, but many husky owners are collecting their dogs’ hair (which is super soft) and turning it into a type of wool to make winter knits. Don’t worry, no shaving is required as huskies shed a huge amount of hair in the summer, so it is a great way to use the hair.

Flower Art

Flower art means a lot of things to a lot of different people but the overall theme is using flowers in your crafts. Pressing and drying flowers to create pictures is making a comeback as a way to bring the outdoors back inside. The wonderful thing about this is that you can collect flowers from a day out, press them, and then frame them to remember your day. Just make sure that you dry your flowers properly or they may go moldy in the frame.

Lace Making

If there is one craft that has caused wars, it is lace-making. Lace was once the most prized item in the world, and there have even been wars fought over it. Handmade lace is very rare and very expensive, so if you can master this craft, you could have an expensive collection. Using a series of pins, the thread is wound between the pins to create a pattern that is delicate and unique. This is a tough hobby but worth it if you have time to master it.

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