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5 Ways CBD Can Help You Quit Smoking

Numerous studies and researches have already proven how smoking tobacco cigarettes is terrible for one’s health. With data showing that more than 7 million deaths per year occur worldwide due to smoking, it is undeniable that it is a habit and addiction that should be lessened and avoided.

Many people have started going towards the path of quitting smoking; though, not all have been successful. Tobacco contains a chemical called nicotine, and with constant use, it will be easy for a smoker’s body to crave for the physiological effects that nicotine produces. It is as addictive as certain drugs, like heroin and cocaine. Thus, for most people, quitting cigarette smoking seems impossible. 

The Science of Quitting

This may seem futile, but through extensive research and experiments, there are now scientifically proven approaches to quitting smoking. There are nicotine replacement therapy, e-cigarettes, non-nicotine medications, and group therapies. Another alternative option that’s making significant results is the use of CBD. 

CBD or cannabidiol is an extract from a hemp plant that has been proven to produce tons of medical benefits. Unlike marijuana, it has low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the component that creates the feeling of “high” when ingested or inhaled. Numerous studies are currently exploring how CBD can reduce your craving for nicotine and help you quit.

If you aren’t convinced of CBD’s benefits, here are five ways CBD can help you quit smoking:

CBD Cigarette As Alternative

Though it is more common to purchase CBD oil, it also comes in the form of cigarettes. If you are planning on quitting, but you cannot let go of your oral fixation to tobacco, this is an alternative you can consider. Some use toothpicks, candies, and gums when they miss the feeling of putting a cigarette stick on their mouth.  

Others use e-cigarettes because they still want to inhale and puff smoke out of their lungs. If you’re going to be more organic, you can opt to light a CBD cigarette instead. These options can be used as alternatives when you want to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine addiction is complicated, but you can slowly trick and train your body to let go of smoking the usual cigarettes.

CBD Lessens Nicotine Addiction

The use of CBD in treating various types of addiction, such as alcohol and cocaine addiction, has been explored by researchers. In reducing nicotine addiction, the use of CBD has shown some promising results. In a recent study, participants have significantly reduced the number of tobacco cigarettes they use in a day. 

The components of CBD that affect the endocannabinoid system that modulates and regulates how the human body reacts to addictive stimulants. This scientific result shows that CBD does not only help in removing the habit of smoking cigarettes, but it also helps the body treat addictive disorders. 

CBD Calms The Nerves

When dealing with stressful situations, smokers likely tend to grab more cigarettes than usual. Some even incorporate smoking into their routines, like taking a drag while drinking coffee in the morning, to calm the nerves and reduce stress. 

Through clinical studies, cannabidiol (CBD) has been scientifically proven to help with reducing symptoms of anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, social anxiety, and general anxiety disorders. Its components affect and restore the balance of the endocannabinoid system, which helps in calming the nerves during stressful events. Therefore, CBD, whether in the form of oil, edible gummies, and cigarettes, can lessen the number of cigarettes you smoke. This is a good start and could further lead to quitting your tobacco addiction.

CBD Helps You Sleep Better

If you have started on quitting smoking, you may experience some adverse side effects that can affect your day and work. About 50% of former smokers experience trouble sleeping after a few days of quitting. It happens because your body is still adjusting to the loss of nicotine in your system, and it may lead to irritability and stress that can affect your sleep.

The use of CBD to solve this issue has been recommended to recent quitters. As CBD can be used to treat pain, it relieves users from any discomfort while sleeping. CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the reduction of chronic pain. In a study published by The Permanente Journal, it was proven that CBD affects the central nervous system and reduces cases of insomnia among patients.

CBD Doesn’t Only Come In Cigarettes

If you want to quit smoking completely, which means no more vaping and CBD smoking, you can still continue consuming CBD in other forms if it will make quitting easier. You can purchase CBD as oils in tinctures, lotions and creams, edible gummies, and pills. Some believe that ingesting them through your mouth can produce more effective and faster results in treating side-effects when you have just started quitting smoking.


CBD has a lot of health benefits indeed, and it can definitely help you in the process of quitting tobacco smoking. Keep in mind that it is also vital to consult a physician first before consuming CBD, as it can counteract with medicines that you are taking. If you have decided to start using CBD to help you quit, it is best to purchase CBD cigarettes and oils from reliable manufacturers.

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