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5 Ways to Relax During Pregnancy

A lot of us try to carry on as normal during pregnancy if we can. There are those early weeks when we’re not supposed to tell anyone and we have to hide morning sickness from our friends and co-workers.  It’s tempting not to let pregnancy disrupt our everyday lives, even as we’re trying to look after ourselves at the same time. It’s difficult to get the balance right. But relaxation is important. It’s good for you, it’s good for your baby, and it can cut down on a lot of stress.

Here are five ways to relax during pregnancy.

Rest when you need to

It’s difficult to sit back and relax when we have a lot of things to do. However, it’s healthy to have some time to rest when necessary. As your pregnancy progresses you’ll become more in tune with your body and figuring out what you need — and sometimes you need to do nothing. You’ll be very busy when the baby arrives, so make the most of having time to yourself.

Try gentle exercise

Lots of physical activities are out of the question when you’re pregnant, but there are still options out there. Swimming is non weight-bearing, which means it won’t put too much pressure on your joints, while pregnancy yoga is tailored to your needs and covers both stretching and breathing techniques.

According to the Mayo Clinic, pregnancy yoga can:

  • Help you sleep better
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of the muscles you’ll need for childbirth
  • Reduce lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, headaches, and shortness of breath

Not only are prenatal exercise classes a way for you to relax, but they’re also good for meeting other expectant mothers.

Take a holiday

Often known as a babymoon, a holiday taken during pregnancy is the ideal way to really escape from the stresses of everyday life. Some women enjoy a staycation, others fly a few hours away to get some much-needed sunshine, but whatever your preference, it’s worth considering. There’s something to suit all preferences. Spa breaks, countryside getaways and beach holidays are all nice and chilled out, but a city break is also possible if you take it slow.

Get some fresh air

Fresh air can be a huge mood booster, so why not go for a lunchtime walk? It’ll get you away from the office or the sofa, refresh your brain, and give you the chance to stretch your legs. There’s no need to go at a speedy pace — stick to a gentle stroll and pay attention to everything around you. It’s a good way to stay present. Remember: don’t overexert yourself and stop if you feel unwell.

Catch up with the people you love

You’re going through some massive life changes, so the company of friends and family will be invaluable throughout your pregnancy. Whether you meet for lunch or settle down on the sofa with a box set, quality time with loved ones is an excellent way to relax. If you already have children, ask your partner to look after them while you enjoy this free time. According to research by Direct Line, two thirds of mums still take on the majority of childcare duties, so you’ve more than earned your break.


How did you relax during pregnancy? Let me know in the comments!

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