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5 Ways to Sleep Better, Tulo Mattress Advice

For the past couple of years, I’ve slept better than I ever had for as long as I can remember. Why? It’s because I finally figured out the solution – my sleep habits and preferences. The moments you finally figure out what your sleep needs are, that’s the moment everything about your sleep changes.

Statistics show that we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping; with that in mind, I find that we owe it to ourselves to enjoy quality sleep. Of course, not forgetting the impact it has on our health. The only way that we can successfully achieve a pleasant and beneficial sleeping experience is by adopting new and alternative tips for sleeping better.

Here are five ways you can sleep better:

  1. Comfort Option

One of the key aspects that I advise on when doing mattress reviews or for anyone who inquires about shopping a mattress is knowing its firmness rating. This means identifying whether it has a soft, firm or medium-firm comfort feel.

It’s important to identify the firmness feel because every sleeper has their preferred rating. Your sleeping position plays a significant role in dictating which comfort option is the best for you.

Therefore, your first step will be identifying whether you’re a soft, firm or medium-firm mattress kind of person. However, the majority of sleepers prefer an average comfort feel.

Other factors that will also affect the comfort feel apart from your posture include your body weight, shape and the age of the bedding. An old mattress gives discomfort that will compromise the quality of your sleep.

Some mattresses have gone an extra step and will offer all three options to ensure that you get comfortable, such as the Tulo bed. I came across Tulo mattress reviews which expound more on this bedding.

  1. Temperature Control

Extreme temperatures or if you’re a hot sleeper, negatively affect your sleep. To sleep better, you have to invest in a bed that provides optimum sleeping temperature, doesn’t get too hot or cold.

Majority of the latex, spring and hybrid beds offer a cool sleeping surface, which is better since we tend to get hot as we sleep. Foam, on the other hand, not so much. However, this is changing because most foam brands have advanced the quality of foam to ensure that it stays cool all night long. For instance, they have a cooling gel infusion, a Tencel or polyester blend cover fabric, and using high density foam like in Tulo, among other features.

  1. How is the Support?

Support is crucial if you’re to sleep better. A good mattress must have durability and stability. Wear and tear after regular use makes the level of support weaken over time, and your bed must have the required durability to last long.

The best beds will go for ten or more years. However, we must be cautious and not sleep on a worn out bed. As mentioned before, it will not give the right comfort feel and also the support.

Therefore to sleep better, ensure that your bed has the sufficient support, and that it’s not too old. For heavy individuals, go for a mattress designed to support 200 or 250lbs and above.

  1. Are You Sharing?

Sleeping with a partner can be challenging, especially if they move around a lot when sleeping. It affects the quality of your sleep. You can sleep better on a mattress with motion transfer significantly limited. Most of the brands have incorporated zero disturbance technology among other features. Foam beds naturally have minimal motion transfer.

  1. Purchasing a New Mattress

Sleeping better doesn’t come after buying the bed but rather before. I discovered that research and consultations are essential before you can settle on one. There are many sites that will give a guide such as

Sleep better for healthy physical and mental well-being, and overall lifestyle improvement. Pay attention to these five factors to get better sleep.

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