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6 Creative Ways to Display Your Antiques and Collectibles

We all have something we like to collect, whether it’s knickknacks, vintage glassware, crystals, or even souvenirs from around the world. While you might love them, it’s not always easy to figure out how to incorporate them into your decor. And if you can’t do that, then they often end up cluttering your bookshelf or other surfaces.

These treasured items shouldn’t be left to the fate of either being stuck inside of a box in your closet or cluttered in a tiny space where they’re hard to see. Instead, show your collectibles the love and appreciation they deserve by finding a special place for them.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for creative ways to display your antiques and collectibles, without interfering with your decor.

#1: Curio Cabinet
A curio cabinet is specifically designed to be a decorative display case, making it a straightforward solution for your growing collection. Whether you have figures, vases, delicate jewelry, or fine china, you can proudly display your antiques and collectibles in these spacious cabinets.

Curio cabinets are available in a variety of styles from traditionally rich woods to modern metals and mirrors, so you can find one that complements the surrounding furniture. If you’re trying not to take up too much space, they also have corner units that are easy to slip into any size room.

#2: Shelving
Have a bare wall that needs in your home that could use some attention? Displaying your collectibles on a few well-placed shelves can take your decor to the next level and act as a functional storage spot. If your collection isn’t just limited to one thing, shelves are an easy way to integrate different items for a more eclectic feel.

For example, if you have candles and healing crystals, you can intermingle them throughout the shelves so that they complement one another. Or, say your husband has vintage cigar boxes and lighters he wants to put out, shelving is a great way to display these items without taking up useful space. Plus, high shelves might help keep fragile items or those that could be a choking hazard out of children’s hands.

#3: Glass Jars
You might picture glass jars as storage solutions strictly for the bathroom and kitchen, but they actually add a classy touch while displaying your collection. Keep in mind that this only works for small aesthetic items, but you can put a jar or two on a coffee or end table to work your collection into your decor.

Need inspiration for what kinds of items you can put in here? Seashells, rocks, sand, baseballs, and other small items work great in glass jars.

#4: Gallery Wall
Gallery walls are a modern decor trend that allows you to create a visually interesting space that incorporates different textures, styles, and items, making it a perfect place to display some of your favorite antiques you’ve collected over the years. Some items might be able to be directly mounted to the wall, while others should be encased in a shadowbox—this works well for dried flowers, old records, butterfly collections, vintage letters, quills, and the like.

#5: Bar Cart
If you happen to collect vintage wine glasses, bar books, coasters, or other things that would complement a bar cart, it can be a great display option. Not only is it useful for storing all your barware and entertaining guests, but it’s easy to tie in your collectibles and add some personal flare—just make sure to note what’s off-limits to others who might be using it.

#6: Cluster Art
One way to display your collectibles is to turn them into a piece of art. Whether it’s handkerchiefs, textiles, hats, or maps, you can cluster a group of items together to create a unique art piece for your home. Sometimes these can be used as makeshift headboards, in the nursery on the wall behind a baby’s crib (soft items only!), or even a statement piece to take up some wall space in your office or living room.

Displaying your collection in a creative way is a great opportunity to add some personality to your home. Those who are close to you will enjoy seeing your display, knowing that they’re a treasured part of you.

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