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6 Cute Hairstyles That Have Taken Over Instagram

Instagram has always been a place of style inspiration and exploration. Whether you’re interested in hairstyles, fashion, or home decor, Instagram has got it all. Hairstyle trends, like fashion trends, tend to come and go and every 20 years and old trends will resurface with a few modern tweaks. This season is all about natural and unpolished beauty with messier styles taking the forefront. Revisiting the trends of the early 2000s and 70s and revamping them is also a common theme. These inspirations coupled with growing inclusivity levels, make 2021 the best year yet to find cute hairstyles that suit you, whatever your skin color!  

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your look, reinvent yourself, or hop on the bandwagon, there’s plenty of trends to choose from. In a sea of inspiration, it can be hard to find a style to go with. Here’s a list of the hottest new hair trends of 2021 that you can take with you to 2022 to help get you started. Spruce up your look with these 6 fresh and cute hair trends brought to you by Instagram and stay on-trend. 

Pop smoke braids

Hair trends are often inspired by popular artists and musicians, and this trend is no different. Braided hair has always been a staple of trendy hairstyles, especially for black hair. From cornrows and tree braids of the early 2000s the box braids of a couple of the 2010s. In 2021, Pop Smoke inspired braids have taken the world by storm and they’re here to stay. This rapper-inspired hairstyle provides an easy and protective way to style short hair and promote hair growth for any gender. It’s a great style to bring some edge and culture to your look and can be easily accessorized with beads and rings. If you’re looking for the hot new braid trend, look no further than the Pop Smoke braids!

Curtain bangs

Bangs have been in for a hot minute, and this trend shows no sign of freezing up any time soon! The most current iteration of this trend is long, cascading curtain bangs that frame the face. This low-maintenance, retro style is perfect for accentuating cheekbones, no matter the face shape or hair type. If you’re unsure about getting a haircut, curtain bangs are a great introduction to bangs if you’re new to them. They are easy to style and grow out of and provide a sense of effortless beauty to the wearer. Soft hair textures are big this season, so keeping your bangs soft is a great way to stay on trend and look good. 

Short bobs and blunt ends

Bobs are back and they’re shorter and blunter than ever. This years’ take on the classic bob takes on a less polished and more messy approach to effortless style. The short, swatty bob that hits at the jaw or mid-neck is the way to go this season. The hairstyle works great when coupled with bangs, natural texture, and straight, blunt ends. These messy, blunt ends make a statement and look like they’ve been snatched right off the runway. Flatter any face shape this season with a messy, swatty bob with blunt ends and look like you’ve walked straight off a runway. 


2022 is going to be a great year for black and curly hair because afros have made a comeback and they’re here to stay! With the rise of 70s style inspiration and a growing appreciation for natural hair, afros have taken their rightful place in popular hairstyles this season. Whether you prefer a big, fluffy halo of hair, or a smaller, more stylized, big chop, natural curls are in. Rounded Fro’s in particular are making a comeback for keeping curly hair healthy and full of life. If you’ve had it with long hair but still want to have that afro freedom, go for the big chop. Choose your length from buzzcut to pixie, to shag, and embrace your natural curls and waves!

Mullets and shags

The shag/mullet train has been chugging since earlier this year, and is showing no signs of stopping! These rebellious haircuts have been around since the 70s and 80s and have made a resurgence in recent years. Thanks to TikTok and stars like Miley Cyrus and Doja Cat, mullets and the modern shag haircut have been on the rise since late 2020. These shaggy cuts have many variations, all of which encapsulate a sense of freedom, punk, grunge, and style. If you’re looking for an adventurous cut to soothe your ‘Achy breaky heart’, go for a shag or a mullet and try something daring!


No hair look in 2021 is complete without a few fun accessories! Thanks to the resurgence of Y2K fashion, hair accessories are all the rage again in styles ranging from cute to refined. Whether you prefer hair clips, scarves, headbands, beads, or bandanas, there’s an accessory out there to fit any style! Hair accessories work like a charm if you’re on day two of unwashed hair, but still looking to look cute. Slap on some chunky hair clips and a scarf and some hairspray and you’re good to go! Accessories are a great way to add just that little something extra and take you from drab to fab in no time!

So there you have it! There’s no time like the present to experiment with your style and let your creativity and personality shine! These 6 popular hairstyles show that staying on trend this season is all about embracing natural beauty and all the nitty-gritty parts of it. Natural curls, messy hairdos, sculptured braids, and statement accessories are all the rage this season. Experiment and find what works for you!

Go back to your roots with the hottest new braids. Embrace the beauty of your natural hair with a fluffy halo fro’ or go for the big chop. Add a curtain bang to your hairstyle to get the elegant, effortless, and on-trend look. Experiment with messy styles and cuts this season inspired by the 70s and 80s. Get a shag, mullet, or afro and live out your ‘dancing queen’ fantasy! Skip the layers and opt for blunt straight ends this season. Last but not least, don’t forget to accessorize with some cute hair clips or scarves, and you’re ready to become the Instabaddie you’ve always wanted to be!

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