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6 Essentials to Update Your Fall Wardrobe

Photo by jasmin chew from Pexels

Fall is here and you know what that means: layers, crisp weather, warm drinks, and delightfully crunchy leaves everywhere you look. Although the pandemic means most people are stuck inside for the majority of their time (including all those remote workers), there’s no reason why you can’t give your wardrobe a little update. 

It’s time to put on those layers and invest in clothing that will keep you warm and cozy during the cooler months. Ready to jump into the new fall season looking like a million bucks? Well then, keep reading! You’re going to look amazing this fall season.

1. Well-Tailored Pants

Although at the outset “pants” might seem supremely boring, there’s a range of textures and cuts that can make a basic pair of pants much more exciting. Jeans, corduroy, or even some velveteen pants can jazz up any outfit.

Consider opting for dark wash jeans to balance out a top with jewel tones. Or, go for a deep plum color and accessorize with complementary fall colors. 

Above all, make sure that your pants actually fit you! That might mean you have to make friends with your local tailor – but it’s worth the effort and expense. Pants that are fit to you will look much more polished and give your look a more impressive aesthetic. 

Not sure where to go to get your clothing tailored? Consider asking your friends and family for references!

2. Tops and Shirts

Flannel is obviously a great choice for fall and there are tons of different flannel colors and types to choose from. But you can also go for denim and corduroy button-ups if you want to mix things up a little bit.

3. Sweaters and Cardigans

Hoodies, quarter-zips, sweaters, cardigans, and pullovers are all great choices for fall to keep you warm. If you want to go for a casual chic fall look, a slouchy cardigan can add a nice cozy touch. You can also go crazy with texture and try a long sweater with fuzzy detailing, fleece, or faux fur. 

4. Accessories

One of the best cold weather accessories is a warm winter beanie. You can choose yarn, wool, or fleece to keep your head warm. Go for a bright beanie color if you want to add visual interest to your outfit – or keep it simple with an easy to coordinate neutral like beige, black, or grey. 

Want to add a little bling to your aesthetic? Why not try on a few gold watches to see which one goes best with your overall look? A great, quality timepiece can dress up almost any outfit and it’s much classier than just relying on a fitness tracker that tends to look a little clunky and unflattering on most people. 

Scarves are another obvious fall accessory choice. You can go for a chunky knit to add some heft and warm to your outfit or go for something lighter and airier. 

5. Outerwear

Your outerwear is your first defense against the elements. Choose something a little heavy duty like a wool camel trench coat. It’s never a bad idea to go with something darker that you can keep looking clean despite wearing a lot so hues like black and navy blue are always good choices.

6. Shoes

Loafers, ankle boots, and riding boots are all excellent choices to set off your fall look. You can choose from vegan leather, cotton, and other environmentally friendly materials. Above all, don’t cheap out on your shoes because you’ll quickly regret that decision when your sneakers fall apart after just a few months of wear. It’s always a better investment to get shoes that will actually last you through multiple seasons. Keep that in mind as your shopping and don’t get lured in by the low prices of cheap shoes. 

Looking Great in Fall: One Piece at a Time

If you want to feel warm and confident this fall season, we’ve got your back. Consider investing in a few key pieces like a comfy shawl or cardigan, great corduroy pants, flannel, and riding boots. If you don’t want to completely overhaul your wardrobe, you can just focus on a few key accessories that can help you jazz up an outfit like a beanie, scarf, or watch. Keep these tips in mind to have a fabulous, well-dressed fall!

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