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6 Trendy Accessories That You Must Try To Upgrade Your Look

Spring is here and with that, a new wardrobe beckons. If buying a new set of clothes seems exorbitant – and rightfully so – then you can look into getting a few trendy accessories instead. Accessories can instantly transform a well-worn outfit, taking something that looks basic and turning it into a new, beautiful set of clothing. It’s also more cost-effective to invest in a few on-point accessories than buying a trendy dress or blouse that will only look dated in a few months. The following are some of the best accessories to be on the lookout for this season.

Cocktail Rings

A large cocktail ring – also referred to as a statement ring – is the perfect accessory for spring or summer. The warmer months are usually the best time to get pretty, colorful manicures since your hands aren’t hiding away in a pair of gloves. So with that manicure, a beautiful and fun ring would be the perfect thing to help highlight it. There are all sorts of statement rings you could invest in, some of which are made with semi-precious stones if you’re ok with paying a bit more. At the same time, you could get something just as nice made with glass or colorful cubic zirconia stones – extra points if the colors match your clothes or your manicure in some way. 


Hair ties, scarves, and especially bandanas are all the rage. In the summer you’re just interested in keeping your hair out of your face as much as possible, but you still want to look nice. Even if your perfect blowout will only frizz within a few minutes due to the humidity. The hair accessories guide from can give you great ideas that are bound to do the trick. The trend these days is to get a few bandanas or smaller hair scarves in bright colors and soft fabrics, and they do the double duty of covering flyaways or frizzies while adding a fashionable touch to your outfit.

Long Earrings

Studs are always understated and go beautifully with any outfit. However, long, dangly earrings are all the rage. Whether you go with something a bit more delicate or large, statement style earrings – such as tassels, drop pearls, etc. – tend to get noticed right away and can instantly upgrade any outfit. You can also go hog wild with different bold colors and patterns since they dress up a basic black or white t-shirt or dress in an instant. If you want to be on-trend for the coming months, it makes sense to invest in a pair or two of big earrings, and save the studs for the more sedate winter months. 

Fun Hair Clips and Headbands

So many old-school hair accessories are making a comeback, beyond bandanas. Alligator clips have many uses outside of the hair salon, and they now come in lots of fun colors. Even scrunchies have made a comeback, and people rightfully appreciate their versatility. Beaded and embellished hair clips and headbands are a huge trend these days, and they’re considered to be a fun way of dressing up a plain or boring hairstyle and outfit. Headbands or hair clips with beautiful gemstones, floral patterns, or bright beadwork are all the rage, and they can be used to add an extra bit of oomph even when you don’t feel like it.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are arguably always on trend, and they can do a lot to add some personality to an outfit While big statement necklaces featuring chunky stones are somewhat passe, peter pan collar necklaces are huge these days. Also, gold fringe necklaces look great and can make even plain jane dresses seem like gorgeous works of art. 

Gold Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a pretty classic staple that also happens to be hugely on-trend, especially if they are gold or rose gold color – it doesn’t have to be solid gold. They go with any outfit and suit most skin tones perfectly while making a bold statement. Particularly trendy these days are hoop earrings with a bit of a kinetic pattern, and something funkier than its understated iteration.

With these six trendy accessories, you can go from blah to chic in a matter of minutes. There are lots of styles to choose from, and you’re bound to find the perfect iteration for you. With the warmer months, it’s always fun to mix things up and keep it light, so that you don’t get bored. Even if your style tends to be on the more sedate side of things, you’ll manage to find the perfect accessory for you.


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