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6 Useful Tips To Write Better Essays

What’s the one thing you always look at when your teacher or lecturer hands you a graded essay? This one is pretty simple: it’s the grade or percentage score indicated. If the grade is high, Congratulations! Your path to becoming the next Shakespeare is a few essays away. But what if the score comes back low? It seems like your Shakespeare’s dream is dead. But wait, it doesn’t have to be! You can quickly turn things around by learning the six secrets to excellent essay writing.

What’s more, these secrets are easy to implement and will increase your score the next time you write an essay. So, are you ready to revive Shakespeare’s dream? If yes, let’s dig in!

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

If you’re struggling to write your essay, source for help. Sometimes, an extra person can pinpoint you in the right direction. If you’re in college or university, chances are pretty high you know someone who offers the best essay writing service around your area. Please approach them, let them check your work. Generally, writing is considered a solitary activity. For these reasons, great writers know when it’s time to get feedback on their work. You can also talk to your close acquaintances and ask any of them to review your work – they may spot errors you had missed.

Create an Outline of the Main Content

Before writing your essay paper, you need to do some research to ensure you capture your argument’s main points. You also want to include relevant facts and evidence in the same outline to structure it effectively. This helps you figure out all the primary points in your article that you want to cover. Remember, your outline is also the same structure you’ll use for your final essay. A good outline should include an introductory paragraph, three to four paragraphs that make up the body, and a concluding paragraph.

Write As Your Life Depends on It

Like every hobby, mastering a particular craft needs time – and writing isn’t an exception! There are no shortcuts in the writing world to transform you into a prolific writer overnight. Even the best writers have had to perfect their craft over several years. And sometimes, writing while you’re thinking about factors such as SEO and how to increase traffic to your post isn’t easy. For these reasons, make a habit of writing every day. This will eliminate your fear of a blank page and help you develop a unique writing style. Even if no one reads your content, the secret is to keep writing it.

Learn from Other People’s Essays

Buying books tailored to writing will help build and refine your skills. Similarly, reading from other people’s essays can also shape your essay-writing skills. Start by reading from a range of different essays written by other academics or your peers. Also, try to read from different disciplines and not necessarily those that you’re studying. This widens your knowledge scope since you learn new writing styles and guidelines. Try to borrow a leaf from those essays and incorporate them into your skillset. Over time, this ensures you can produce genuine and more-thought provoking essays that will win the hearts of many.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t write the boring stuff everyone is writing. Most people only write conventional fluff with the hopes of trying to impress their teachers or friends. Remember: if you have nothing to say, don’t say it at all. What do you find interesting in the essay paper you want to write? Does it spark your interest and lights up your world? If you have nothing that sparks your imagination and creativity, you’re not researching well enough: Major topics like science and literature are overflowing over with surprises. So, as you research your essay topic, look for this element of surprise. Remember, only start writing when you’ve ventured outside the conventional ‘box.’

Build Your Vocabulary List

Reading more books increases your vocabulary. With a good vocabulary, you can bring your words to life quickly and concisely. Try and reduce your sentence length when writing your essay. Also, avoid being too wordy. Readers get bored quickly and don’t want their time wasted.

Additionally, our attention span as humans is at its lowest. So, try and keep your audience hooked by being more persuasive in your essay-writing. The best way to communicate efficiently in your articles is by using sophisticated but straightforward vocabulary.

Bringing words to life is not an easy craft. Good writing allows you to express yourself and helps convey your thoughts professionally – there are no two ways about it. Hopefully, the tips above will help solve your essay-writing enigma. Also, you’re not limited to the advice offered in this guide. Research more and talk to experienced essay writers. Pick their brain and get a few ideas from them. All the best!


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