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6 Ways to Be a Better Parent

We all want to be considered “good parents”. But what does that even mean? Everyone has different ideas on what makes a good parent and how to keep their kids happy.

All parents need to provide for their kids. But being a good parent is more than that. It means loving your kids for who they are and doing everything in your power to give them the best life (does your child have cerebral palsy? See this Tallahassee cerebral palsy lawyer if so). The following tips will take you from a good parent to a great one.


It’s important to listen to your kids. Many of us think that we’re listening, but we’re focusing on other things. How often do you actively listen and contribute in encouraging ways? A parent that’s a good listener will contribute selflessly to the conversation and express interest.    


Kids love to play. A good parent will get involved and let their kids be kids. This is particularly important if you only have one child. They don’t have siblings to play with, so you’ll have to take on that role sometimes. Playing with your children is important in teaching them to use their imagination and enjoy life. 


Children learn a lot from stories and reading. Good parents read to their children regularly and help them learn. They will be patient and let the child work out the word for themselves. Taking the time to read with your kids shows the importance of stories and gives them a solid foundation before they start school. 


It’s important to be accepting of our kids. Some parents want their kids to grow up to become a particular person. But that isn’t fair. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be, and your child shouldn’t have to mold themselves into someone else. So, be accepting of your child’s views, wishes and interests. You’ve created someone with a unique take on the world, and that’s something to celebrate.   


Ok, so being a good parent isn’t all about the good stuff. Being a good parent also means understanding discipline and teaching your children to learn the consequences of their actions. While you should never be controlling or aggressive, your kids should know how to behave appropriately and respect others. 


It can be hard for parents to apologize to their kids. We don’t want to seem weak or unwise. However, acknowledging that you have done something wrong and apologizing to your kids is important in their growth. It teaches kids that apologizing is a good thing. So, a good parent will always acknowledge their mistakes and apologize.

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