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7 Creative Customer Gifts That Boost Your Brand

What is the perfect gift that keeps on giving for your customers? Many businesses fail to appreciate the huge role of freebies that serve as a token of your appreciation for your customers. 

Perhaps, the best and most significant influence when it comes to making your audience feel valued is the way K-pop band BTS treats their fans, ARMY. In a recent event held in South Korea, the septet planned presents at the attention of their fans who were attending the performance recording. The gift set included branded cookies, a small bouquet of pink roses, a coffee drink, and skin products from a renowned brand. Fans were quick to share the thoughtful gift on social media, further promoting the attention of the band and helping boost awareness about their latest album, PROOF.

The relationship between BTS and ARMY has always been special, paved with kindness and gratitude for each other. In the end, your business may not be as world-famous as BTS are. However, the band has demonstrated that caring for your audience is the key to spreading awareness, encouraging loyalty, and building strength. 

So, for small companies, it may not be suitable to prepare such high-level gifts. But you can take inspiration to prepare presents that are:

  • shareable
  • visible
  • enjoyable
  • usable

#1. I love it, therefore I stick it

Most people love a quirky design. Creating free custom stickers that share your brand values is the perfect additional surprise to pack with each order. You can opt for a positive affirmation message or a fun visual, for example. 

Stickers are one of the most spreadable and visible branded marketing ideas for small businesses. They are a favorite to add to the back of laptops and other electronic devices, which can ensure your brand gains awareness within the work or study space. 

#2. I love it, therefore I drink in it

Mugs are and remain a favorite giveaway. But you could go above and beyond the typical branded mug and add some personal details. Using a mug press, for instance, can be a smart move to create a customized gift for your customer with a unique message, such as:

  • [customer’s name] is the best
  • [brand’s name] thanks [customer’s name]
  • You’ve got this, [customer’s name]
  • Etc. 

Mugs can spread positive vibes through the office environment or in the kitchen. They can promote your brand while putting a smile on people’s faces! 

#3. I love it, therefore I eat it

Taking direct inspiration from BTS, there is nothing more satisfying than a sweet treat. You can pack personalized cookies with each order, using a custom cookie stamp to thank your customers. 

A word of warning when it comes to baked goods. You want to avoid potential allergy risks and tricky dietary requirements. Therefore, here are some essential tips to prepare a delicious snack:

  • Opt for a gluten-free flour substitute that doesn’t contain nuts
  • Replace eggs with nut-free equivalent
  • Avoid milk and butter for lactose-intolerant customers
  • Keep sugar low or select a low glucose option as you don’t want to increase diabetes risks

#4. I love it, therefore I carry it

Going shopping or carrying a laptop at work? Tote bags can be a fantastic option for everyday requirements. A sturdy and ethically-produced bag is likely to be used over and over again, spreading brand awareness everywhere your customers go. 

Some considerations for the perfect tote bag:

  • Big and strong enough to carry a standard laptop
  • Thick cotton or canvas material
  • Visible branded with a meaningful catch line

#5. I love it, therefore I wear it

While you don’t want to risk making clothes as fits vary greatly depending on people, you can make accessories that will be worn with joy every day. Branding should be minimal. Instead, it can be a good idea to focus on the mood or the messaging, so customers are more likely to be comfortable wearing it. 

Some size-inclusive accessories can include:

  • An adjustable cap
  • Bandana 
  • Headband, wrist band
  • Socks

#6. I love it, therefore I snap it

The best selfie wins the social media game. If you create lifestyle or beauty products or services, you can consider reaching out to your audience group through the selfie aspect. Working with a designer to create a unique filter for photos can be a smart move to promote your business. It can be a good idea for:

  • Colorists and hairdressers to encourage potential customers to try new styles
  • Home decor designers to help create palette colors and light effects that will match different interior styles. 
  • Etc. 

#7. I love it, therefore I play it

Another neat freebie is a free smartphone game that can be downloaded with a QR code. Customers can play and discover the business story and values through the narrative!

Are you ready to bring your brand further? Thoughtful gifts can transform your interactions with existing and future customers, ensuring nobody can ever forget your brand! What’s your gift of choice?


Photo by Sam Lion


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