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7 Reasons to Buy Yourself That Gift

There is a strange phenomenon that happens with some women. They see something they like, they have enough money to buy it, and then they spend the next few minutes talking themselves out of it. Now, I am all for making wise purchases. I am all for being smart with your money and not just fritting it away on any little whimsy.

What I am not okay with is that these women don’t feel like they should get the thing for themselves. They might put it on their list to ask someone else to buy it for them when their birthday or anniversary comes around, but they won’t buy it. It’s a strange phenomenon, and if you are that woman, I am talking to you right now. There are plenty of reasons why you should buy yourself that gift, here are 7 of them.

You Can Afford It

You work hard, you earn money. And yes, you have bills to pay and retirement to worry about and maybe even kids with sports and clothes they need. You probably don’t hesitate to buy something for someone else, so here’s your permission. If you have the money and all the essentials are accounted for, buy yourself that gift set for women or those new nail wraps or that video game you’ve been eyeing. You can afford it. It’s okay.

You’re Not Sure Someone Else Will Get it For You

Every woman has different kinds of people in her life. Some of these people are great at gift-giving and some are not. Instead of sitting around hoping one of these people will either read your mind or check it off the list you gave them, why not buy it for yourself instead?

It’ll Give You a Boost of Dopamine

Here’s a little-known secret. Shopping therapy is a real thing. Don’t go crazy now and call every trip to Target your therapy appointment, but when you buy something that you really want and that you’ll really enjoy, it does give you a little boost of happiness in your brain. It’s science.

You Get to Pick Out Exactly What You Want

Getting gifts is amazing. People who love you enough to buy you a present are incredible. But sometimes, the gift isn’t exactly your taste, or it’s something you can only use once in a while. Buying a gift yourself means you can think through what you want, what you’ll enjoy, and what you’ll use the most.

You’re Not Taking From Anyone Else

One of the things I’ve heard women express is that if they buy for themselves, they may not have enough money to buy for someone else. There are probably some deep-rooted things that go along with this feeling, but the truth is, buying for you is simply buying for you. You didn’t take away from anyone to do it, you gave to yourself, and that’s okay.

You Want to Try a New Hobby

It’s hard to get up the courage to try something new. What if you’re terrible at golf? What if you hate painting? What if your woodworking endeavor is a complete and utter failure? The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you end up hating it, you find out you’re not very good at it, or you don’t have as much time for it as you thought you would. It’s okay to spend your money to try something new. It gives you experience, wisdom, and insight about yourself in ways you wouldn’t have known if you didn’t buy that wood-burning kit or that model car maker.

You’re a Stay-at-Home Mom

Let’s say you’re not the one earning an income. You can buy the gift for yourself as well. Your contributions to the home and to raising your child are invaluable and should never be diminished. Just because what you do doesn’t bring home a paycheck, it is of equal importance to the one who does bring home the money. So, if you’re feeling guilty about spending that money, just look at all the work you do each day. You earned it.

Here’s the thing: buy the skin moisturizers, the book, the painting kit, the pretty thing for your wall, or the new shirt, or shoes. If you have the money, it’s okay to enjoy these simple pleasures in life.

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