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7 Ultimate Ways to Help any Kid be More Creative

Having kids is a 24/7 job, and you should never stop at the most basic things. Parents need to get their kids to start thinking and encourage them to do so at a young age. Helping them develop their imagination and creativity is a key aspect of their upbringing which will help them to get through life easier. Spending your time with your kids, as well as letting them have free time is one of the most important things when it comes to achieving this. Follow the article to see what else you can do. 

How can you help your kid become more creative?

Make them a play area for creating

It is important to create a wholesome space for your children to nurture their creativity. That, of course, does not mean giving them a huge, fancy playroom, but rather a corner of a room where they can thrive on their own. Fill the area with toys that make them think before they act, like building blocks, puzzles, or more complex board games like Dungeons and Dragons. It is also recommended to give them some gaming tips, but don’t get too involved. Let the kids find their own way of creating a world out of what they have. The results will surely impress you.

Help them activate their senses and imagination

You may have heard this a million times before, but reading to your children helps them activate their sense of imagination. Bedtime stories, as well as other situations where you could tell them a tale is a great way to get your kids underway of creating their own little world. It is important to tell these stories without too much visual input because it will make them think harder. That’s why reading or at least audiobooks are a smarter option than TV. As time progresses, they will become too old for bedtime stories, and from that moment on, you should encourage them to read books on their own. It doesn’t matter what genre they choose, reading words on a printed page will wake up their imagination.

Activating their senses also means taking them places. Your kids can learn a lot from seeing the world. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far away. After all, there are plenty of things you could show them in your surroundings. Having your children exposed to the world around them can also kickstart the part of their brain that builds creativity. Here are some of the places you could take them:

  • Anywhere outdoors (park, street)
  • Library
  • Museum
  • Sports arenas on game days
  • Game rooms
  • Fairs

Allow them to have free time

Don’t plan your childrens’ day out so that they have only a certain amount of free time to cultivate their creativity. Have a few hours daily without anything scheduled and see what they do with that time. The best ideas will come to them during playtime. Also, have in mind that not all kids click at the same period during the day, nor in the same period of their lives. Be patient and give them a chance for some unscheduled fun. They will surely find their way around.

Help them cultivate creative and critical thinking

As your children get older, you have to know in which way their minds go. Feel free to ask them how they approach problems, and what other ways could they think of when it comes to solving them. This will make them actually brainstorm ideas they could later materialize. Who knows, they might find a simpler and better way to solve something that even you wouldn’t have thought of.

Don’t get in their way

Most people agree that creativity in children grows if they are allowed to play freely, and you getting too involved in their free time could block their senses. Do not question what they do, and especially don’t question how they do it. Let them come up with their own little ideas of how something should be done. Also, as they grow, let them choose what activities they’d like to do. Some of them will choose sports, others will take up a musical instrument or some other art form. Whatever they decide, just be happy that they are motivated to do something else but sitting around.

Be creative yourself

Children are very impressionable and tend to look up to their parents and other people who they spend a lot of time around (teachers, peers, nannies, etc). That is why, in order to get them to be more creative, you should be creative as well. This way they will see it as a green light to start building something on their own, whether it’s from building blocks or in their minds. It is a good idea to join your child at the crafting table and start doing something on your own. Once your kid sees that you also like to create things on paper or otherwise, they will be encouraged to try something as well. At some point, your child might ask you for advice or just to help him or her while building something. You can also see this as a win-win situation since you are simultaneously bonding with your kids and they will see a friendly figure who wants to join in the fun. Here is what you could do:

  • Do your work especially if it also requires creativity (like architecture or graphic design)
  • Be sure that your kid sees you while doing it
  • Encourage your children to do their own activities with you
  • Don’t stop until they stop (stop only if you really have to)

Support them in their endeavors

It really does not matter what they want to do, you as a parent should show your full support when you see your children try something new or are persistent at something. Encourage them to continue by showing them that you are impressed with the progress, and give them advice when they ask for it. Create an atmosphere where they will experience pride and joy in whatever they are doing, and be their support beam throughout their process. If they get stuck on something, you should be the one, maybe not to help them solve the problem, but the one who is there to cheer them on while they figure out their next move.

Supporting and encouraging your children in their endeavors will make them feel they could achieve anything they want in their lives. As a parent, you should also be the one who teaches them that creative and critical thinking is very important. Have them start creating their own little worlds at a young age and you will see, they will emerge to something big.;tid=1;dt=6;

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