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7 Unique Gifts to Get a Book Lover

Photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma’aji from Pexels

If you’re trying to think of a great gift for the book lover in your life, you may want to branch out a little from simply getting them yet another book (though, of course, that’s certain to be well-received!). 

Here are seven unique gift ideas that your book lover is sure to covet:

A Page Anchor

Just because you love books doesn’t mean that you want to hold them open all of the time! A page anchor is a perfect solution for keeping your book open and not having to hold the pages all the time. This is especially helpful if your book lover is a fan of large hardbacks with heavy pages, or likes to read whilst doing other things (like using two hands for their favorite reading snacks). 

A Book Light

Booklovers can never resist a late-night reading session, especially when they need to know how the story ends. Make those late nights even easier by getting a book light so they can see every page, long after it’s turned dark outside, without straining their eyes

A Book Subscription Box

Treat your book lover to exciting new releases, and have them delivered straight to their door. Subscription boxes are fantastic for those readers who like to read unique books from interesting authors, and especially if they have a certain subject matter in mind. Suppliers like provide subscription boxes with a diverse range of books, suitable for any reader.

Special Editions of Their Favorite Books

When it’s your favorite book, one copy simply isn’t enough! Unique and special editions of certain books can be an amazing gift, especially for book hoarders and collectors. It could be a coveted signed copy, a rare first edition or maybe simply a new cover design which makes it that little bit more special. 

A Personalized Bookmark

Bookmarks are so adaptable, which means they can come in many personalized shapes and sizes. Not only that, but you can never have too many bookmarks! Have a bookmark engraved with a special message, with your book lover’s favorite literary quote, or any design which you think they’ll love. 

Literary-Themed Homeware 

Gifts for booklovers don’t need to be wholly centered on books specifically. Help your book lover to set up their perfect reading nook or home space by getting them home furnishings or ornaments with literary ideas in mind. It could be a cushion with a famous quote, an art print with their favorite book cover or any other homeware item you think they’ll love. 

Book Bags 

If your book lover is always at their nearest book shop, then they’re going to need a way to comfortably carry their purchases home. Try getting them a book-themed tote bag to take with them whenever they go book shopping, complete with their favorite character or quote, or simply just designed with books in mind. This is also a great idea for the eco-friendly book lover who wants to cut down on disposable store bags too.

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