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7 Ways To Get Ready For Baby’s Arrival

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Get ready for a life change! 

When your little one arrives, the life you have will never seem the same again. Well, not for a while at least, anyway. And while there is nothing wrong with change, it is still good to be prepared. With this in mind, we have compiled a short list of actionable steps you will need to take before your baby arrives on the scene. Have a read, and if you are currently expecting, do as much as you can ahead of time.

#1: Talk to your partner

We’re sure your partner is as over the moon about the imminent arrival of baby as you are, but you do need to be on the same page about certain matters. Your finances are going to take a hit, so together, it is important to talk about how you will budget the money you are both bringing in. Talk to him about his role in labour too, and what should be expected of him. And have a conversation about household chores and the various child-rearing responsibilities that will need to be shared by both of you. By having these conversations early, there will be less confusion later on, and there will be the reduced risk of any arguments that might entail once baby arrives.

#2: Talk to your parenting friends

If this is your first baby, then you might be more than a little clueless about what to expect once he or she arrives. This is why you need to talk to your parenting friends. They will have advice about everything, from how to get sleep at night to the items you will need to buy for your little one. They will be able to reassure you too, so if you have any specific worries, they should have the experience to answer any questions you have, even if you feel silly by asking them. Oh, and going back to our mention of budgeting, your friends might be able to save you money. If they have clothes, nursery furniture, or any other item that they no longer need, you might be able to make use of them if they are happy to give them away.

#3: Get your house in order

You need to make your home a safer place for your little one, so there will be much you need to do. Aside from the ideas in the linked article, you should also fit plastic padding to the sharp edges on your furniture, put safety latches on your cupboards and doors, store away any small objects that could cause your baby to choke, and install safety gates to block entry to unsafe areas. Not only are these suggestions important for your baby’s safety, but they will also give you peace of mind when your little one arrives.

You also need to consider your baby’s sleeping arrangements. If you’re designing a nursery, you will need to get the room ready in advance. While the following article is a couple of years old now, you might still find our tips on nursery design trends useful. You will also need to purchase storage furniture, flooring mats for play and safety purposes, and a crib for your little one. For your baby’s safety, we recommend that you read this article on choosing the right mini crib mattress size too.

#4: Organize extra help

Trust us when we tell you that any help you can receive will be invaluable. There will be times when you are sleep deprived, so having people around to child mind will give you the opportunities you need for more sleep. You might need help with the housework too, as well as assistance with the daily care of your child. So, speak to friends and family members, and ask them about their willingness to lend you a hand. And if they offer suggestions for ways in which they might be able to help you, don’t be too proud and turn them down. You might only regret it when you realize that, despite your considerable talents, you don’t have time to manage everything during the day when caring for yourself and your baby.

#5: Stock up on everything you need

For starters, you need to make a checklist for the many things your baby will need. While you might have people to give or loan you certain items, there are other things, such as diapers, cleaning tools, and feeding essentials that you will need to buy on your own. Refer to this newborn shopping list, and buy everything you deem necessary. 

You also need to think about your own needs. Once baby arrives, you might lack the energy to spend much time in the kitchen, so it could be a good idea to cook and freeze meals in advance. You will be spending a lot of time at home too, so you might want to stock up on books, magazines, and DVDs, as assuming you will get some time to chill out on your own, these might be useful for your downtime.

#6: Get your car ready

You’re going to need a car seat, as well as the relevant fixtures, so add these things into your budget. It’s a good idea to ensure your car is well-maintained too, so be sure to book your car into a garage, as the safety of your newborn passenger is paramount. And give your car a thorough cleanout because, as we reminded you about your home, you don’t want your child picking up any choking hazards that could be lying around in your car. For more details, check out these car safety tips

#7: Catch up on your sleep

Finally, be sure to get plenty of rest before baby arrives. You will need the extra energy, so considering sleep might be in short supply in the weeks and months ahead, you will do yourself a lot of favors if you can sleep as much as you can now. Start to get into good sleeping habits too, as once baby arrives on the scene, you will have to say goodbye to those late-night binge watches and the lazy mornings curled up under your duvet.

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