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7 Ways To Keep the Kids Happy, Safe And Entertained In Transit

Picture by Skeeze from Pixabay – CC0 Licence

In anticipation of your holiday away, whether it’s your first or your fifth trip you’re probably already thinking about (dreading) the time spent traveling. And how you will keep the kids entertained during the long hours traveling to and from your holiday. As with any holiday, it does require some work to make it fun and enjoyable. 

Beyond the admin such as getting your flight itinerary for visa application along with your proof of accommodation. And sourcing/ booking your holiday insurance to finding a responsible house/dog sitter and booking time off work, preparing for what happens on the trip is just as important. To swerve the “are we there yet!” cries, the tantrums, and onset boredom from the babies, here are 7 ways to keep the kids entertained in transit.

Keep Them Aware 

Unless the trip is supposed to be a complete surprise, you may want to think about letting them know whats going on with your holiday. From planting the seeds a few weeks before you’re going away. To let them know they won’t be going to school for a week or two. Even asking them to help you find things to put in the case, and maybe showing them a picture of your holiday destination can help. It’s unavoidable for parents to get stressed when traveling. However, what we don’t want is to compound that stress with unhappy children who are feeling anxious about where they’re going and what they’ll be doing. A few updates about your trip here, and there will not only inspire confidence and reassurance in your family. But also trigger the emotion you want to see from them the most – excitement!  

Snacky Snacks and Drinky Drinks

To save money, sanity and squabbles, stock up on snacks, because they’ll always be needed on your trip. From the moment you leave the house, the point you’re queueing for the bus, or just boarding the plane, snacks will be needed at all times. And there may be some points where parting with $10 for a bag of basic chocolate may not add anything positive to your holiday vibe either. So think in advance and whip up some goodies and drinks in advance to keep the kids fed and happy. However, to avoid the dreaded sugar crash, that we’re all well aware of, think of energy, filling snacks like chicken strips, chopped pineapple, and crackers. For drinks, water, or squash will be just fine.


Don’t forget to keep on you, your children’s prescribed medication that they might urgently need in transit. For example, their inhalers! Doing so, will prevent a lot of havoc and worry for your little ones and for you, of course. It’s wise to take basic medication too. Like Calpol or paracetamol, and something to settle a tummy bug just in case any of the children begins to feel rundown on their trip.

Picture by Sai De Silva from Unsplash – CC0 Licence

A Comforter

Even in your company, and their brothers and sisters, traveling to a new and exciting place can be a little bit daunting. Especially when they can’t just get up and go to their bedroom when they want to nap or play. By bringing something comforting from their home zone, will give them both confidence and security that everything is great. Forgetting your kid’s comforter on the other hand, well that’s a different ball game, that usually resorts in lots of tears and separation anxiety.

Bring The Electronics Along

Whether you’re one for encouraging the kids to go outdoors or maybe you don’t mind them spending hours on their tablets sifting through youtube videos. The likelihood is you’ll need their electronics on your travels. With the ability to download games, movies, and stories, it’s a device that compacts endless amounts of fun in one easy to carry electronic device. And the chances are, if you refuse to take their devices, you’ll be sad you didn’t. Especially when you’re stuck on a 12-hour flight with barely anything to keep them in their seats.

Prevent Ears Popping

To prevent the onset of aggravation that can cause your children’s ears to painfully pop. An easy way to avoid painful pressure on the eardrums is to give them a sweet each. Or for a baby, a bottle. The sucking motion and movement of the jaw shall help relieve the pressure that flying can sometimes cause on their tiny ears.

If you want a stress-free vibe and pleasant trip away with your family, consider taking on board some of the tips above! 


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