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7 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel More Homey

Making your house or apartment feel like home can be tough, but a little effort goes a long way. Things like wall art and throw blankets can help transform the way your apartment feels. Check out some of these great tips if you’re looking for ways to make your apartment feel more homey.

1. Lighting

One of the biggest downsides to apartments vs. houses is the fact that they often lack overhead lighting. You can make your apartment feel a little homier by adding some lighting in the form of lamps and light strips. Make sure you choose neutral or warm lighting that doesn’t have too much blue light, as this can make your home feel like a grocery store. 

2. Rugs

Is your apartment covered in one bland carpet color or laminate flooring? Break up the monotony and make your apartment feel like home with a few area rugs. A large rug is great for the living room, and you can use several smaller rugs to adorn entryways, hallways and bedrooms. Just remember, throw rugs can get expensive quickly.

3. Throw Blankets

Bare furniture can make an apartment feel less like home, so try sprucing up your furniture with throw blankets and decorative pillows. There are tons of different styles, colors and sizes available, and you can use several blankets and pillows to create a fancy layered look. As far as home decor goes, throw blankets and pillows are a must-have.

4. Wall Art

You can’t expect your house to feel like home if the walls are bare, so add some wall art to make your apartment a little homier. Pictorial wall maps make for fun and educational wall art, and they’re available for tons of cities and other cool locations available. You can even order these wall maps in custom sizes, so you can always find a map that fits the open space on your walls.

5. Scents

When most people think of home, there’s at least one scent that comes to mind. Some people remember the smell of fresh cookies baking in the oven while others remember the refreshing scents of a clean house. Scents can be a great way to make your apartment feel a little homier, and you’ve got endless options. You can pick up a few candles, try out an oil diffuser or even use a plug-in air freshener to make sure your apartment smells great all the time.

6. Make It Private

No matter how you slice it, apartments lack privacy. You can make your apartment feel a bit more like home by taking steps to increase your privacy when you’re at home. Curtains and blinds are a great way to keep prying eyes from looking in your window, and you can invest in a portable soundproof wall to keep the noise out from neighboring apartments. When you’re living right next to several neighbors, a little privacy goes a long way.

7. Embrace Your Kitchen

Your apartment might not have the best kitchen, but your kitchen is an important part of feeling at home. Make sure you set your kitchen up the way you want it, and take the time to cook at home at least a few times each week. Simply having a kitchen you enjoy spending time in and cooking yourself a nice dinner every now and then goes a long way toward making your apartment feel like home.

Moving into your first apartment can be difficult, especially if you don’t have all the things that make a house a home. If you want to make your apartment feel a little homier, try some of these tips and make sure you personalize your apartment as much as you can.

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