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7 Ways to Research Best Destinations in Helicopter Tour

Planning a helicopter tour is almost as fun and adventurous as the ride itself. These tours are much more personalized than any other form of transportation and give you the greatest possible photo opportunities from above. Here are seven helpful research strategies for selecting the best destinations by helicopter.

  1. Use Your Own Imagination

You might be surprised how much you can envision in your mind about the world based on all the information you’ve taken in over the years. Everyone knows that Hawaii is one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. Picture yourself hovering over Maui, Oahu and other Hawaiian islands and getting mesmerized by the surreal imagery. The Grand Canyon in Arizona is another place that’s easy to envision as a breathtaking experience. Make a list of all the amazing landmarks you’ve heard about all your life, such as the Egyptian pyramids, the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower as a starting point in your research.

  1. Consult with Friends About Their Helicopter Experiences

Asking for travel opinions from friends and loved ones can sometimes be the best alternative to your own ideas about travel. Stick with the people you trust that have no reason to exaggerate. Be prepared to ask them a series of questions about how they felt about the scenery and to what degree the vacation was worth it. Inquire if they took photos they can show you so that you can judge for yourself if you are impressed by the scenery. An easy way to get answers is to ask a question on social media about what people think are exceptional destinations.

  1. Read Online Reviews

Online reviews can be very informative if they are honest. In fact, online reviews are now more important to consumers than traditional advertising. Yelp is a leading review site that lets consumers rate their experiences with brands. Enter “helicopter tours” in the search box plus desired location and you should get plenty of useful consumer comments about specific tours, fees and travel time.

Keep in mind any given review site is going to contain a mix of authentic and fraudulent reviews. By learning to spot fake reviews you can save time and make better decisions. The biggest dead giveaway that a review is fabricated, perhaps by lazy marketers or bots, is the overuse of fluff. Generic phrases that lack details that could have been written for any service are often, although not always, indicators of a fake review.

  1. Visit Travel Sites

Travel sites that cover a broad range of destinations can be advantageous even if they don’t specialize in helicopter flights. After all, certain helicopter services will take you anywhere you want to go in the world. Your main objective in pinpointing ideal locations based on your interests should be to find out the best options within your budget. The amount you are able to spend immediately narrows down selections. Travel sites can give you insights on hotels, amenities and food.

  1. Check Sites Specializing in Helicopter Tours

Exploring sites of companies that provide helicopter rides is one of the most reliable ways to get the information you need. Bekaa Air in Australia offers a variety of flight packages and plenty of information, as well as colorful images of destinations such as Queensland and Brisbane in Australia. The service allows you to select any place in the world where you want to travel.

  1. Study Atlas Encyclopedias

Sometimes books with maps, charts and geographic information can be more helpful than just looking at beautiful photography. Remember that professional photography can make things look better than they really are, as it is as much of an art form as a science. Atlas books give you a wealth of information about places that can spark your curiosity to dig into deeper research about the culture, its history, economics and landmarks.

  1. Watch YouTube Videos

Finally, YouTube has videos on just about every vacation destination on the planet. A video helps take you closer to the actual experience. See if there are already videos taken from a helicopter for your desired travel location. It may give you a clear idea on what your own videos will look like.            

Photo by edwin josé vega ramos from Pexels

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