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8 Easy Steps To Blend Hair Extensions With Your Own Hair

Photo by Luiz Fernando from Pexels

Adding hair extensions to your natural hair is a great way to get a quick classy look. Whether it is Christmas, the new year, or a wedding, you can get ready in a few minutes with long and colorful hairstyles. But, if you are a newbie adding hair extensions could be a daunting task, unless you are not aware of step by step guidance. 

Before moving toward steps let’s know some basic details about hair extensions.

What could be an ideal extension for your hair?

While choosing extensions, go with at least 3 or 4 inches extensions. These could naturally clip your hair and give them a thicker look. If your hairs are long you can choose more than 4 inches extensions that can perfectly clip and blend with hairs. It will add volume to your thin and long hair.

Which color is best for hair extensions?

This is one of the commonly asked questions, the answer is the color that perfectly matches your natural hair. There are plenty of color extension options that give your hair a natural look. Even if you are looking for bonding extensions, there are amazing options available on the internet. You will fall in love with those options.      

Steps For Blending Hair Extensions Naturally

Here we have simple steps to blend extensions…

  1. Choose extensions for your hair length: Whether you have long or short hair, extensions help in both styles. For short hair, it gives a long and classy look. With long hair, you will get a thick appearance. Experts also recommend choosing silky extensions that give your hair sparkling appearances. While choosing an extension strand go with 25 to 75 strands (depending on hair density) that thicken your own hair. 
  2. Weft: when your goal is to add volume and length without showing clips, add weft in your extensions. These will give hair volume without visibility of clips.
  3. Choose the right type of hair extensions: Basically, there are two types of hair extensions available in the market, human hair and synthetic hair extension. Choosing human hair is an excellent way to ensure your hair lengthened and thickened.   
  4. Clean your hair: While applying for extensions on hair, you must check your hair must be clean. It will help you to separate hair from one another. Even you will get a clean look. Otherwise, a combination of natural oil and clean extensions can ruin your hairstyle.
  5. Separate half of your top hair: Use a comb to separate hair from top hair. Making this partition will help you to add extensions in between.
  6. Clip your hair: you can clip the above hair where you want to apply exertion. When you are trying hair extensions on your own, mixing or hair will not irritate you.
  7. Apply shiny hair serum: Once you have done with hair extensions, know you will need something that gives your hair shiny looks. Nothing is better than choosing a serum. It helps to straighten your hair. 
  8. Trim for a better look: now, if you feel, your extensions are longer than your desired look. Take a scissor, trim additional hair length, and split ends. You will get a clean look.

Adding an extension to hair could be an easy process, all you need to do is follow the right tips. This will save time and keeps you ready for any occasion. 


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