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8 Super Simple Self-Care Options To Start Now

Too many of us put everyone else ahead of ourselves. We put our time and energy into our jobs, even when we are burnt out. We put all of our energy into our families and we put our clients on top of everything else. It’s easy to juggle a lot of plates, but when they burst into flames mid-juggle it’s not so easy. As a general rule, we look after everyone else before we care for ourselves, and this just won’t do.

When we spend so long looking after everyone else, we let ourselves get swept up in the drama of not feeling ourselves. We need to embrace self-care. You’ve got to take a moment and let someone else take the reins, like you do after an accident and you allow an experienced personal injury law firm to seal with the legal side of things so you can recover. You need to recover, but it’s not necessarily from an accident, but from LIFE. We get that it’s not easy to look after yourself and take a moment to breathe, but we’ve got eight simple self-care options for you to get started with. Work your way down the list and make self-care count!

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  1. Something as simple as a walk can make all the difference to the way that you feel on the inside. It can give you a chance to breathe some new air and it can boost your energy to get out of the house.
  2. Take yourself to get your nails done. If you are recovering from an accident, you need every bit of happiness you can get. A new color can make a difference!
  3. Sometimes, a hot shower is everything. However, when you are trying to recover your body, you need a hot bubble bath drawn for you. Get a book, lay back and just relax.
  4. Writing in a journal or a diary can make all the difference for your mental health. Get everything down; worries, goals, hopes and dreams, on paper. You can easily reflect on your own writing later and find that you’ve hit the goals you wanted to hit. 
  5. Take a moment to indulge in small things. Whether you are going for a walk and treat yourself to your favorite coffee, or you have found a new book and want to read it in the library, take the time to do those things. You won’t ever regret it!
  6. Identify the things that have stopped making you happy and take them out of the equation. Start saying no to the things that worry and upset you and start saying yes to things that make your soul sing.
  7. Start the day – every day – with thanks. You may have been in an accident, which is a traumatic and tragic thing to go through. That doesn’t mean that you need to dwell on that. Be grateful for your surroundings and start living your life that way – with gratitude.
  8. Get up and dress up more. Whether you are recovering at home or you are not planning to get back to work, dress up every day and do it to feel good about yourself. You’ll definitely feel the difference.

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