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8 Ways To Live Sustainably At Home

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

We make choices every day that affect the environment, the climate, and the wildlife species around us. From the items we throw away to the things we buy from the store, we need to show responsibility for the planet and make choices that are ecologically kind and sustainable. 

So, think about the choices you make at home and the lifestyle that you lead. What could you do to live sustainably? Here are some suggestions we hope you find useful.

#1: Conserve water

Water is a precious resource so you shouldn’t waste it. Finding ways to limit the amount you use is a must, as you will also save money on your energy and utility bills.

So, you might spend less time under the shower or resist the urge to fill your bathtub to the brim. When brushing your teeth, you could turn off the water tap when it’s not in use. When washing your dishes and clothes, you should only use your appliances when you have full loads. And to limit the amount of water you use from your mains supply, you might want to store rainwater. These slimline water tanks are useful, and the water you store could be used for watering your garden at home, cleaning your car, and even drinking if there is a filtration system in place. 

#2: Think carefully before shopping

Before you head into town or to the local supermarket, ask yourself: Do I really need to go? If you already have the items you need at home, or if any of them can be repurposed, you might decide against adding to the carbon footprint by getting into your car. But if you do go shopping, be sure to buy those products that are kind to the environment, and reuse the carrier bags you have at home, instead of taking yet more plastic from the store you visit. 

Check out these sustainable shopping tips for more ideas. 

#3: Leave your car on the driveway

We alluded to this above, and it is something you should take into consideration. You can get an idea in the following article on how cars affect the environment so you might want to reduce the time you spend driving. If you don’t need to go shopping, stay at home. When you’re commuting to work, use your legs by walking or cycling, or car share instead. And when you’re taking the kids to school, consider carpooling with another mom, or walk or bike with them for both health and world-saving reasons. 

#4: Use the beauty items in your pantry

Many beauty items are overloaded with toxic chemicals, so not only are they secretly bad for your skin, but they are harmful to the environment too when thrown away. So, think about this the next time you’re considering a trip to the beauty store. Either buy those products that you know might be environmentally friendly or have a look through some of the items you have in your pantry, as it might be that you already have what you need to enhance your good looks. Take a look at these natural beauty items, for example, and save money and the world by using them if you have them at home. 

#5: Become less reliant on the TV

When you cut down on your electricity usage at home you are doing your bit to save the environment as you will be conserving another of earth’s natural resources. You can read more about this in more detail here. You can save electricity at home in all kinds of ways, from turning off your lights when they aren’t needed to unplugging appliances that aren’t being used. 

Another way to save electricity is to turn off the TV, as this is probably the household item you and your family use the most. Instead of sitting down in front of it, find other things to do at home. Read a book, play board games with the kids, or simply talk more to the people around you. Or get outside, and go for walks, bike rides, and adventures with your family.

#6: Make energy-efficient upgrades at home

While this might be costly at the outset, you will save money in the long run. You will be doing your bit to protect the environment too, so you should certainly do what you can when you have the budget to do so. 

You could start by adding energy-efficient LED lightbulbs to your home for more efficient lighting, for example. If any of your older appliances are showing their age, it might be that they are responsible for your high energy bills, so save money and the planet by replacing them with their energy-efficient alternatives. You might want to upgrade your windows too, especially if they don’t retain the heat in your home. And you might want to include a few Smart upgrades, including an energy-saving programmable thermostat that could be controlled by your smartphone.

#7: Switch energy provider

More and more utility companies are making the decision to use renewable energy, not only because it is kinder to the environment, but because they know their customers will leave them if they don’t! So, check with your energy provider. If they haven’t gone green yet, now is the time to say goodbye, as, through a comparison search, you should be able to find a company that has. In theory, you should make financial savings if you make the switch to a greener company too.

#8: Reduce your household waste

Every time you throw things away you are adding to the carbon emissions that are being released from your local landfill. So, recycle those items that can be recycled, instead of throwing them into the trash. You might want to reuse certain items too. Here are some ideas for reusing your plastic bottles, for example. And donate or sell some of those things that are adding to your household clutter, as not only will your house be cleaner, but the world will be safer too!

So, do what you can to live sustainably at home. Most of the ideas here aren’t that difficult, so don’t ignore them, as the future of the planet depends on what you decide to do today.

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