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9 Puppy Pampering Products To Get Your Paws On

Photo by Benjamin Lehman from Pexels

As a dog parent, you want nothing but the best for your furry friends and if treating yourself to essential and luxury beauty products is something you often do, then why wouldn’t you do the same for your dog? These days, it’s not just about impressing down at the park or doggy daycare, your pups flood your Instagram feeds, invade your Facebook pages, they are family and should be treated as such, and this goes for their grooming routine too.

Just like for yourself, a basic bath won’t always do and sometimes you need a little extra care and attention, whether it’s from new specialist products, extra special luxury products or just the latest fragrance or body wash you need to try. With all the running, walking, swimming, playing, fetching, and just being your loyal best mate, life is hard work for your little mate, and your pup deserves for you to splurge on their beauty regimen more than your own with some top quality primping and pampering. So, what are the top beauty products you should be getting your paws on to clean the paws of your filthy, little best pal?

Kiehl’s Cuddly-Coat Shampoo, Conditioner, and Cleansing Spritz

Kiehl offers this three-part line which is ideal for dogs of all sizes, no matter what their hair type is. It works by massaging the Cuddle Coat Shampoo into your pet’s coat which removes dirt and debris. After this, follow up with the conditioning rinse to smooth and moisturize and what you’ll be left with is super soft fur and a fresh lavender aroma. Mmmmm! Then for those days you need a little bit of extra help in between washes you can use the waterless cleansing spritz which works as a quick fix between washes and smells delicious.

John Paul Pet Instant Detangling Spray

Some of your pooches will have a high maintenance mane which isn’t helped by muddy puddles and long grass. This is where John Paul’s Pet Instant Detangling Spray comes in handy. All you have to do is to spray it into your dog’s coat and then brush it through to distribute over the whole coat. The formula will quickly loosen any unruly snarls and eliminate any matting for a beautiful, healthy shine.

Fuzzyard Organic Peppermint + Eucalyptus Breath Gel

Just like you, dogs need to unwind after a long, busy day – you know, eating, sleeping, and playing fetch. Treat them to a spritz of Burt Bee’s Lavender and Green Tea Calming Spray on their coat as this can encourage an over-excited pup to settle down. You can spray it on their bedding too or inside their crate to create a relaxing environment before bedtime.

Paw Balm

This paw moisturizer keep your dog’s paws, snout, and elbows soft and hydrated. King Kalm Dog Paw Balm is specially designed to protect the skin against rugged terrain and rough weather conditions – which as you know are all too familiar on those big walks. It’s made with all-natural ingredients like CBD, coconut oil, manuka honey, and provides relief and protection without harsh chemicals or unwanted substances. Shop now to start using this every day to keep their paws moisturized and soft, it’s is even helpful with slippage on slick surfaces.

Professional Dog Nail Clippers

There’s no need to worry about overcutting your buddies nails when giving him his next paw-dicure. These nail clippers come with a simple protective guard that prevents you from going too deep. Go Pets offers a lifetime guarantee with their pawducts and give back 10% of all profits to animal charities, no-kill shelters, and animal rescues. Win, win for all woof lovers!

Ear Wipes

Calling all floppy eared pups! Here’s a simple solution to keeping your ears clean and healthy. These wipes contain natural Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus Oil and are safe for everyday use.

Ancol Fragrance Baby Powder

BB Baby Powder Fragrance Cologne soothes and conditions their coat as well as giving a fresh, clean fragrance. It contains chamomile and Aloe Vera and is great for one of those “little bit smelly” days.

Ancol Wooden Handle Double Sided Brush

This small, handy double-sided brush has one side of pins and one side of bristles which is suitable for different variations of grooming.

Pet Head Doggie Fragrance

Pet Head’s Doggie Fragrance is a strawberry lemonade spray which can be used just once a day to rid your dog of that wet dog smell. This spray smells so lovely that you’ll want to use it on yourself too!

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