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A Day At The Orchard With Juicy


Since the birth of baby Akilah, Jaxon has taken a seat on the sidelines as the baby of the house. He is now the middle child, typically the one who gets lost among the oldest and youngest children. We have no qualms of Jaxon becoming the “middle child,” for we have his gregarious personality to thank.

Since the last two months have been all about catering and adjusting to baby, we decided to dedicate a day at the orchard and celebrate Jaxon. This meant going while Big Brother, Jayden, was in school. Luckily he didn’t mind and was content with the delicious apples and kettle corn we brought back for him to nosh on.


It was a beautiful day here in the Midwest. The weather was a perfect 74 degrees. It’s usually quite chilly this time of the year, but I surely wasn’t one to complain.  After pulling into the parking lot, we noticed a few classes attending on a field trip. When Jaxon spotted the buses, he proceeded to sing his rendition of “The Wheels on The Bus.” “The wheel on da bus go wown wown wown…aaaall day!”


We started our adventure at the Kid’s Farm, where we greeted the pygmy goats, donkeys, pigs, calves, llamas, and chickens. We simply cannot resist touristy things so stopping at the photo boards were in order. Since I was head photographer in charge, Greg decided to wear baby Akilah in the Boba carrier. Anything for his girls.


Jaxon had a blast in the toddler play area riding pedal tractors and racking hay. I can see why the area is limited to ages three and under. At almost three, Jaxon seemed so grown up, especially on that teeny little tractor! After our time at the Kid’s Farm, we took a stroll through the corn mazes. We let #JuicyJax lead the way. He took off in charge, commanding “this way” at every turn.




Once we completed the maze, it was time to finally pick some apples. There were so many varieties, but so many apples had fallen to the ground, bruised on impact. We walked up and down the fields squinting for apples still attached to trees.




We were able to fill up our bag, but it was quite a challenge. After curating a variety of apples, we headed to the big barn full of sweet treats and souvenirs. We quickly snatched bags of kettle corn, pumpkin butter, and homemade soda. Fresh baked donuts were on our list, but the line wouldn’t allow us enough time to grab donuts and pick Jayden up from school. We plan to visit again before the season ends.



Our time at the orchard was almost ethereal the way mother nature presented its gorgeous backdrop for my camera roll of sweet memories. And on that note, we will always remember our day of relaxation and celebration of Juicy Jax.


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County Line Orchard

200 S County Line Rd, Hobart, IN 46342

Anna Pry

Tuesday 24th of November 2015

we didnt make it out to the apple orchard this year, it was pouring rain too many days

rennie d

Tuesday 24th of November 2015

aww your family is so cute! I just discovered your blog! I am def a new follower. What a beautiful family you have!

bunny butt

Tuesday 24th of November 2015

looks like a fun day, outings like that are always the hbest

Sarah Hayes

Monday 23rd of November 2015

this looks like the best day!! your pictures are so sweet.

Debbie Welchert

Saturday 21st of November 2015

Oh it looks and sounds like you all had such a wonderful peaceful day. My grandchildren love doing things like that. It's so neat seeing them having so much fun.

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