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A Gift To Him & Us

060We’re still cosleeping and it’s great when we aren’t trampled in the process. We have the toddler bed right next to ours. They are both now about the same height which makes it easy for Jayden to make his way into our bed. We did this for convenience, but our plans for good have started to foil.

The boy tears through both beds. Maybe using the word trampled was a bit of an exaggeration, but I don’t understand how someone so little could do so much damage while sleeping. One night, he literally just threw his body right on over me and landed in between Greg and I banging us both up in the process. Offended and out of sorts, we just adjusted and went back to sleep.

So while we’re realizing we have to get him sleeping in his room (for real this time), we wonder about keeping him in his toddler bed when it seems he needs a little more space to sleep. We’re looking at a few twin beds with rails for him. I found some really cute low lofts with storage that I know he’d love. We plan on having a few more kiddos, so saving space is really important. One bed has built-in storage, and the other has a slide with open space at the bottom for storage and an additional bed if we need to add one. I think I’m leaning towards bed numero dos.

I’m hoping to have him in his room, in his new bed by the new year. I think decorating his room will encourage him. It would also be a great Christmas gift to him and us. I think we’ve got ourselves a plan…


This is an update to Transitioning From Co-sleeping.

Kat Robertson

Wednesday 14th of July 2010

We still cosleep with Zoe, which actually isn't a big deal for us because my husband works the night shift so 5 nights out of 7 it is just me and her. Of course, we do kick her out and make her sleep on the couch for a few hours here and there too {hehe} Bedtime is crazy at my house... the four older ones have this insane burst of energy as soon as I say lights out so I normally have to spank them into submission LOL *sigh* Kids never learn... I finally weaned Zoe (she's 2) and happy to say she is "nini" free now and is doing pretty well. Rather than going to sleep nursing as she was accustomed to, she now lays down like a big girl and just drifts off. Now, how to get her older brother and sisters to do the same is beyond my realm of comprehension haha

Mommy Instincts

Friday 9th of July 2010

Is that second bed the one from Ikea? I totally wanted to get Jonah that one, but Todd overruled me. At this point, atleast Jonah sleeps in his own room (with Todd on the floor), and I am hoping to get him back in there, ALONE, once he gets feeling better. Lily on the other hand is a co-sleeper and it break my heart to know I need to get her to sleep alone, in her own room. She clings to me so tight when I rock her to sleep. I love that. I don't want her to think I abandon her.

But I feel your pain. At some point, enough is enough and the kids needs to sleep in their own bed, by them selves. Some people can wait until they transition themselves. I'm not one of those people once they get a certain age.

Good luck chica! Love ya!


Saturday 10th of July 2010

I'll email you the bed. I think we're going to get it. We may have to join Jay in his room a few times. He likes watching Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins before bed, so if we get him a little TV he'll probably be fine. That and some Calms Forte and some Sleepytime tea for kids - his hyperactivity before bed is a story for another post!



Friday 9th of July 2010

Good luck! We were very lucky with Kelsie, she slept with us until she was 6 months. She stood up at the head of the bed and we put her in her bed in her room and that was that. She has slept there ever since. Now we have developed a new problem. When Kelsie went to a toddler bed and now twin bed, Zack has laid down with her every single night to get her to sleep. She will be 5 in August and starting Kindergarten. While laying down with her on occasion is fine...she is so dependent on him to go to sleep, she can't fall asleep without him laying there. I do understand that this is their time together but I told him that it's starting to wreak havoc on us. Because he lays down and is in there for at least an hour sometimes more and by the time he gets up, I go to bed so we aren't getting our time together. I'm hoping that this all ends soon. But for some reason I can see her being 10 yrs old having a sleep over and him still going in there to lay down with her. Oh well, we'll see. Good luck again!


Saturday 10th of July 2010

Oh that would be something out of a movie...

Can you imagine her having a sleep over before her wedding day and asking her Daddy to lay with her once more?

*bawl* *bawl* *bawl*

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