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A Look at Cricut’s Foil Transfer Kit + Project Ideas (Gift Wrap + Affirmation Cards)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

You may have seen my Instagram post introducing Cricut’s new Foil Transfer System. As a Cricut Ambassador, I was one of the first to learn about these new offerings and keep them on the hush until the day that they launched! For those who aren’t familiar, The Foil Transfer System consists of a Foil Transfer Kit and Foil Transfer Sheets. This combo will allow you to create stunning foil effects on a variety of projects like gift wrap, greeting cards, and wall art! This is just what us crafty & resourceful folks need this holiday season!

Cricut’s Foil Transfer Kit includes three interchangeable tips (fine, medium, & bold) and housing compatible with both Cricut Explore and Maker. This pressure-activated tool gives pro-level results that last without the use of heat. The kit also includes (12) silver 4×6 foil transfer sheets. Additional 4×6 foil transfer sheets are sold separately and are available in a set of jewel-tone colors. Larger 12×12 foil transfer sheets are also available in gold and in silver.

As promised, I wanted to share some projects that I’ve created while testing these new products. I’ve done quite a few, scrapped some, and plan to revisit others. Today, I want to share two projects; one I fell in love with from Design Space and another simple project that I created out of necessity.

Cricut Foil Wrapping Paper + Gift Tag

Let’s start with this foil embellished gift wrap and gift tag project. This project was a 2-n-1.

Materials to Complete
Cricut Foil Transfer Housing & Bold Tip
Silver 12×12 foil transfer sheet & tape (included)
Fine-point blade
12×24 LightGrip mat (or 12×12 – manually stop machine at 12″ )
Black construction paper
Red card stock
Black twine

Wrapping Paper: To start, I pulled up the Project in Design Space and selected customize. The gift wrap and tag layers were loaded into the canvas. Because I like to focus on one thing at a time, I hid the gift tag portion by selecting the eye. I planned to come back to that layer to customize and duplicate the tags. Focusing on the wrapping paper pattern, I set the line type to foil>bold and the color to silver. The default is gold.

To make the wrapping paper, I sent the visible project to my Cricut Explore. Note: I used black construction paper because the cardstock that I had was a little too thick to wrap presents with. Black kraft paper would work for this project, too. I’ve tested this on brown kraft paper, but the effects weren’t as bold due to the hue of the paper. I placed the construction paper onto the LightGrip mat, then taped the silver foil transfer sheet on top of the paper. A little bulging of the foil is to be expected and is fine. I did my best to get it to lay as smoothly as possible. Next, I loaded the foil transfer tool with the bold tip to my Cricut Explore, set the machine to paper, loaded my mat, and sent the project to my Cricut from Design Space.

Once the foil cut was complete, I removed the mat from my machine and the foil and wrapping paper from the mat. Gift Tags: Next, I went back into the Design Space project, disabled the gift wrap layer and got to duplicating the tags. I wanted to personalize a few of them, so I used the text tool to add letters to the tags. Since the default line type for the Foil layers is set to gold foil, I set this to silver as well as the new text layers I created to personalize the tags.

Once I was done with my tweaks, I sent this project to my Cricut Explore. The process was the same as the wrapping paper, but I set the machine to cardstock and did not remove the mat from the Cricut once the foil transfer was complete. This is to keep the project positioned for accurate cuts. I removed the foil, replaced my foil transfer tool with a fine-point blade, and started the paper cutting process for the trees according to the Design Space prompt. After the Cricut completed this cut, I unloaded the mat and removed the excess paper and tags from the mat.

Next, it was time to assemble our faux presents! I LOVE the way they turned out and can’t wait to play with some different patterns and paper colors.

BONUS: Cricut Foil Affirmation/Manifestation Cards

Materials to Complete
Cricut Foil Transfer Housing & Bold Tip
Gold 12×12 foil transfer sheet & tape (included)
LightGrip mat
Brown construction paper
Optional – Laminator & thermal pouch

Before & After – MUCH BETTER!

So that last project was A LOT to read!! This next project was a quick and easy test run that I created to tidy up my vision/affirmation/manifestation display above my desk. I went from using sloppy handwritten index cards to something more aesthetically pleasing and less cluttered. In Photoshop, I created a table with some phrases I wanted to see every day. I saved the image so that the background would be transparent.

In Design Space, I added the image to a new project. I set the linetype for the project to foil>bold and the color to gold. Before sending this project to my Cricut Explore, I loaded brown construction paper to my LightGrip mat, then taped the gold foil transfer sheet on top of the paper. I set my Cricut to paper and started the foil cut as prompted in Design Space. Once the foil cut was complete, I removed the paper from the mat and ran it through my laminator. Since I chose to laminate the cards, I cut them out by hand. I hadn’t learned how to calibrate my Cricut to cut after removing a project from the mat so my scissors and paper cutter did the trick.

PHEW! I know this was a lot to digest, but I hope it all inspired you to try Cricut’s new Foil Transfer and think about the many ways you can use it in your projects. You can go luxe or simple. It’s all up to you and your imagination.

To learn more about Cricut’s Foil Transfer System, visit Cricut’s Q&A on YouTube and their help page for the Foil Transfer System.

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A Look at Cricut's Foil Transfer Kit

Cricut Foil Transfer Gift Wrap + Gift Tags

Cricut Foil Transfer Affirmation Cards

Lola Osinkolu | Chef Lola's Kitchen

Thursday 29th of October 2020

The gift tag looks so cute!

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