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A Quick Guide For Busy Dog Owners


Becoming the owner of a dog is an honor and a privilege. However, not everybody understands the weight of what they’re taking on or how these furry friends can complicate an already busy schedule. 

Unfortunately, there has been a surge in people abandoning the pooches they acquired over lockdown, with the novelty of the purchase or adoption wearing off after lockdown’s ending. While punishments have rightly come into effect here, it will likely not be enough to stop stressed individuals unceremoniously dumping their dogs. 

Still, if you’ve suddenly become much busier since acquiring a dog, you may understandably have concerns about how to fit everything into your schedule. You may even consider giving your dog away via legitimate means, but it’s not wholly necessary to give up just yet.

 If you’re unsure as to how to fit dog ownership into an already busy life, read on for a quick guide on how you can make this possible. 

Communicate with Loved Ones

If you live with your family, then responsibilities involving the dog should be a teamwork exercise. Everybody benefits from these arrangements, even the pooch, as they get to socialize with different people, which is good for them.

Should you find that you’re struggling to manage alone, ask for help from your loved ones. They should be willing to rally around and pitch in where possible. Remind them that the dog is part of the family unit and that all the care duties should be shared due to that fact. 

If you live alone, there are still solutions here. Nearby family and friends might be willing to look after the dog for you on occasion. Kind neighbors might be willing to do the same too. However, try to make these requests from a diverse pool of trusted individuals unless someone volunteers. That way, each person won’t feel like they’re being used or overwhelmed. 

Hire Professional Dog Walkers

Walking the dog can be a very enjoyable experience. However, if you’re short on hours in the day, you may not always find the time to give your good boy or girl the recommended 3-4 walks a day. 

Don’t despair here. If you consult the Professional Dog Walkers Association, you can be provided with credible information if you’re looking for a trusted dog walking business. It’s a fast-growing start-up sector with plenty of room for potential, so you shouldn’t find yourself on a long waiting list for these types of services either. 

You must interact with legitimate businesses. Don’t hire anybody you don’t know or trust in any kind of unofficial capacity. While you might think that walking a dog isn’t a very ‘skilled’ profession, these experts will take extra precautions to keep your pooch safe and always show up as scheduled. They’re also fully licensed in their role, which can be a comfort too.

Think about the peace of mind that can be felt here too. As a professional dog walker resumes these responsibilities, you can resume tending to other areas of your life, knowing that your dog is receiving the best care possible. A weight will be lifted, and you’ll experience less guilt and stress. Your dog might even make a new friend with the walker too! 

Make Online Purchases

Dogs need to be shopped for. However, if you’re excessively busy, it might seem like you only have the smallest of windows to nip to the pet shop. Moreover, if you forget something, that can be a highly aggravating experience when time isn’t on your side.  

Purchasing your pet food online may help to alleviate much of the chaos here. Companies like Time For Paws offer dog food, treats, and toys in abundance at incredibly low prices. They’re also rated as ‘excellent’ on the review site Trustpilot, so you can use these services confidently. You can shop by many different brands as well, so there’s plenty of options to choose from here.   

Online purchases can make this part of your life run like clockwork. Schedule your orders and have them delivered straight to your door, and all you need to do is spend a couple of minutes restocking your cupboards. In the end, everybody wins under these types of arrangements. 

Bring Them Along

Unfortunately, some people perceive their dogs as interfering with their social life. However, with the right mindset, they can become a valuable addition to it. 

Think about the activities that you do with friends and family where your dog can complement the experience. Do you like eating outdoors on picnics or at pub benches? Are you a fan of a morning workout routine? Does stopping by friends’ houses or attending garden parties excite you? Involving your dog in any of these situations can lend a whole new fun dimension to the proceedings. 

Studies in the last few years have found that having a dog can help you make friends more easily. Try not to see your dog as something that’s holding you back. Instead, view their presence as an opportunity to make socialising even more fun! 

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