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About To Travel? Super Tips For The Long Journey

Photo by nappy from Pexels

Everyone likes seeing new places. Whether they’re pristine white beaches on some Caribbean shore, the perfect city or maybe a resort built around theme parks and attractions. Everyone likes seeing them, but not the journey. Some say the journey is part of the destination, but others absolutely hate the journey. Especially if it’s super long and uncomfortable. Some tourists can take a long journey better than others. The method of travel is a huge part of it, but people have different tolerance levels for long journeys. Here are some tips to help you out. Some might not apply to you, but they can at least give you a few things to think about before you step out of the door. 

Spend Time On Finding The Right Entertainment

If you know the journey is going to be long, and maybe even uncomfortable, then ensure you have something to keep you entertained for the journey. Not just a newspaper, but something that interests you and can hold your attention. Whether this be a magazine detailing The Highlights and Lowlights of the NHL 2019-20 Season or the latest bestseller from your favorite author. Bringing a tablet so that you can watch a film or TV show is a great idea too, but bringing something which doesn’t rely on battery power is always a good bet too, just in case. If you’re jumping on a long-distance flight don’t just assume they’ll have entertainment available on the flight. Especially if it’s an airline you’re not familiar with. They don’t always do it and you could end up staring at a safety placard for the duration of the flight. Have a think beforehand and you’ll make it better.

Power Up Productivity

If you’re not driving, you can focus on other things. The time spent traveling is best used being productive. There’s not much else you can do so you might as well do something that you won’t have to do when doing something else. Imagine having to do some work at the destination, better to do so while on the journey. This is especially the case if you’re heading out on a business trip of some sort and want to use the time wisely to prepare. Use it to be productive. Maybe you can do some studying while traveling. Use the time to focus and it might just go a bit faster. It also means you get to spend more time enjoying the destination.

Keep Your Equipment Charged Up

If you’re heading out on an older transport like a bus or older plane you may not be able to charge your devices while on the move. There’s nothing worse than your devices dying when you’re in the middle of watching a movie or playing a game. Before you leave, make sure they’re charged up to the max and turn them off until you need them. If your trip is really long, you may want to buy a power bank so you can use it on the move. There are dozens of models out there, just buy one which can hold a good charge. There are some super cheap ones but they aren’t always the best so check the reviews to be sure. Remember, even the great ones might take a while to fully charge, they can take a lot of power. If you’re flying you need to check the guidance too because some airlines won’t let you take a power bank on board with you. 

Driving? Plan Your Stops

Driving over a long distance can be quite tiring. Especially if you’re doing it all yourself. If you’re taking it in turn you can sometimes swap around when one gets tired but if you’re the one doing the driving you need to make sure you plan regular stops. This means you need to know when you’re going to stop. Especially if you’re covering huge distances in the back of beyond. Where can you grab a coffee and where can you stay for the night. Which stops have petrol stations? You need to know and program it all into your sat-nav before you get going. Talking of sat-nav, make sure it’s up to date. Download the latest software if you can. Check your route online and see if there are any major roadworks being carried out that haven’t appeared on the sat-nav too. If you don’t plan your stops you could end up in the middle of nowhere without any petrol or somewhere to stay. If you don’t know the area it might be worth contacting someone local.


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