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Acorn Blogger Box: 5 Little Things To Grab This Fall


I find that during this time of the year I become more curious of new products to add a touch of excitement in my life. So essentially it sounds like I get a little bored around the fall and winter months. Perhaps. And it’s the little things that I pick up or receive in care packages that help perk me up after an exhausting few days, weeks, or months of nurturing and wrangling kids, searching for some sort of work-life balance and other mundane tasks.

As a blogger I am sent items to try from time to time… okay let’s be real… all of the time. It’s not all glitz and glamour though, folks. It’s all fun and games until there’s a deadline attached to those perks. It’s work. Ehehm, so as I was saying (smiles and adjusts collar), I often get stuff in boxes and in my most recent parcel, I received a sampling of some great products to grab this fall for yourself or your pen/gal pals.



The star of my Acorn Box was the Switch Witch. Switch Witch is like Elf on the Shelf, but for Halloween. In the days leading up to Halloween, families read the fun storybook and Switch Witch hangs out in different nooks and of the house getting into shenanigans. After the kiddos are done trick-or-treating, Switch Witch magically switches the collected candy into toys. Created for kids who have food allergies and sensitivities, Switch Witch keeps the magic alive during Halloween while keeping the kiddos healthy.


Switch Witch also has her very own educational app for iOS and Android where children can exercise their memory, math and fine motor skills when turning candy into Witchy fuel. Jayden was so excited about Switch Witches that I caught him smuggling the set into his backpack. He wanted to share Switch Witch with his classmates, which I allowed, but I advised him to not to lend her out lest she might go missing. [ get it here ]


My next Acorn Box costar was this adorable personalized notebook from May Designs. Without notebooks I cannot function. Although I utilize Google’s Docs and Calendar, I find myself writing the same tasks and reminders on paper several times before completing them. It’s ridiculous I tell you, but it’s the only way I’d survive *laughs in silence*. My new mini notebook will be hanging out in my purse.  My love for pretty patterns says I need more. Use code ACORN-20 for 20% off through the end of October! [ get it here ]


Coffee, I sure love it. I’m not a heavy drinker, but coffee is such a treat and pick-me-up during busy mornings and evenings when I’m crashing. Onyx Coffee came through and saved me from nodding off at ungodly hour o’clock while writing this post. Blog Life. In my shipment was the Ethiopian Maji Bebeka blend. Fancy right? When I brew Maji Bebeka, the aroma of a quaint little coffee shop permeates my kitchen. I delight in each sip of warm hospitality. [ get it here ]



Speaking of aromas, there’s nothing that says fall like the delicious fragrance of a woodsy and spice blended candle. Glade’s Sunset Walk candle brought the aromatic notes of a multi-colored forest into my home, much like that of a prim decor shop or a cozy cabin. [ get it here ]



Last but not least, a goody from Goody. Goody Ouchless hair elastics are my jam. They play a daily role in keeping my hair together and out of my face. I wear one around my wrist just in case I need additional support or in the event that I accidentally snap the one in my hair. It happens and when it does, it’s tragic. I’m all about my earth tones and Goody satisfies my style preference with their fall assortment of colors. [ get it here ]

That concludes the #AcornFallBox Showcase. I hope you’ve enjoy these great finds and grab some for you and a buddy or two or three.

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