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Adopting Healthier Food Choices For My Babies


Since becoming a mother, I’ve become more conscious about the products that we consume and the foods that we eat. I am definitely not one of those moms. Y’all know, the all or nothing moms. I err on the side of moderation because life doesn’t always grant us with the time or resources to “lifestyle” to perfection. We definitely go through phases depending on life’s seasons, but we do what works best for our family. I’m a firm believer of doing better when you know better and through gradual research, I’ve been able to help my family lead a healthier lifestyle.


For years, I’ve dedicated time during the spring/summer to cultivate a garden. We’ve lived in several rentals with space limitations, but I’ve always made do. By growing my own vegetables and fruits, I’ve earned valuable life skills and a stronger appreciation for food and the effort it takes to bring our edibles from farm to table. Also, by growing my own produce, I am able to closely monitor our crops and treat them organically.


One year, we subscribed to a CSA box to support local growers although we had a small garden of our own. I feel that when you adopt a healthier lifestyle, you find yourself immersed in a community of positive beings that you can learn from and thrive in.

Cheeks for weeks #juicyjax

2013: #JuicyJax as a wee one.

When growing season is all over, we go back to frequenting the supermarkets for fresh and canned produce, carefully choosing brands with sustainable growing practices and solid missions. Gerber® Organic is a brand that we trust feeding our babies as they are committed to providing nutritious and yummy solutions for parents. Gerber® has long standing relationships with multi-generational farmers so they know exactly what farm, fields, and rows their organic green beans come from.

Gerber® prides themselves in ensuring that the quality and safety of their ingredients and recipes meet the needs of growing babies and toddlers. Gerber® believes little ones deserve high standards, as do I. Knowing that gives me a sense of comfort when choosing Gerber® meals as a healthier option to nourish my babes from Butternut Squash (1st Foods®) on up to Apples, Kale, and Figs (3rd Foods®).

How important are organic food options to your family?

This post is in partnership with Gerber®. Thanks for supporting the brands that we believe in.


Monday 23rd of November 2015

We are trying to eat better as well. I am paying more attention to which stores have locally grown foods. I love stopping at our local farmers market or even local farms.

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