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Africa On My Back: Backpacks That Empower Black Boys & Ghanaian Artisans

When the boys started school, I sent them on their way with their lil’ Minecraft and Spider-Man backpacks. As they hopped on the bus, I told myself that I definitely had to order them some fly new backpacks the following week. Getting them ready to attend a new school was a scramble after having been homeschooled for a year so we just rolled with it and allowed things to fall into place. Being that they’re now in uniforms (which I’m actually happy about), I was looking for new ways to zhoosh up their school fashion.

So after seeing them off to school, I returned home and checked my email. And there was a message from the lovely Shannette Prince of Africa On My Back offering to send the boys new backpacks. I hadn’t said anything or put it out there that I was looking… just BAM… instant manifestation. As Evelyn Braxton would say, “Look at gawd!”

We chose the Yellow Happiness full-size backpacks and they are absolutely gorgeous! I mean… dope. But no listen, they are gorgeous. The kente fabric is so vibrant and speaks to the boys’ personalities as well as complement their uniforms. The backpacks are DURABLE, washable, and spacious with plenty of outer compartments for all of their things including a complete change of clothes. After Jayden fell into a puddle at recess and had me bring him new clothes, I knew I needed to send both boys to school with extra outfits, LOL. I bet you guys are wondering how we tell each backpack apart. I attached keychains to their zippers to identify them.

Each backpack is handmade in Ghana, West Africa by local artisans and a percentage of all proceeds goes toward Brilliant Black Boys, an initiative that seeks to empower African-American young men through international study abroad opportunities. Shannette founded Africa On My Back in 2016, following her first visit to Africa. She enlisted her two sons, Isaiah and Cameron, as partners to provide students and professionals with a stylish, yet functional, connection to African culture and heritage.

We are SO PLEASED with the craftsmanship of our backpacks from Africa On My Back and support their mission one hundred percent. Africa On My Back carry more than just backpacks. They have duffles, laptop covers, fanny packs and accessories too! I’m absolutely going to purchase more backpacks for the boys to switch up their looks and I’m definitely going to be all over the fanny packs so we can wear our African heritage every day.

Thanks, Africa On My Back!

Monique Tillman

Wednesday 16th of October 2019

These are really cute backpacks. I love that African culture is big in this time and more people are acknowledging and representing.

Unapologetically Queen

Tuesday 15th of October 2019

These bags are dope! I have a backpack that looks similar myself!


Tuesday 15th of October 2019

These backpacks are super cute and the bag doesn’t even look like it’s holding the kids down


Tuesday 15th of October 2019

The back packs look great and you see and feel the message sent from them. Thanks for sharing.

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