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Alternative Gym Workouts for Busy Moms

Busy moms care for others – nonstop. This reality makes self-care, including physical fitness, critical for a well-balanced life. But how can busy moms fit physical fitness into busy routines? With a little internet searching and advanced planning, busy moms can fit fun and effective daily workouts into their schedules successfully. Here are several weight-free and treadmill-free alternative gym workouts to consider.

Water aerobics: Water aerobics is a perfect option for busy moms who enjoy water activities. Not only is this workout easy on the joints and safe for those prone to injuries, but it also works every muscle in the body while allowing for busy moms to adjust their own exertion in the water. Finding a location with a pool and regular classes is well worth the effort for meeting fitness goals that water aerobics can help achieve.

Spin classes: Joining a local fitness studio franchise with spin classes is another option to consider. Finding a location that offers daily classes running the same time each day eliminates the stress from fitting these into a busy routine. Spin class workouts provide high-energy, fat-burning sessions that are sure to burn off any stress associated with busy schedules.

Weight-free cross-training classes: Choosing weight-free cross-training classes offer busy moms a fast-paced experience without weights. These sessions integrate exercises that use your own body weight along with aerobic segments to raise the heart rate. Cross-training builds strength and endurance and burns fat. As a regular part of a daily schedule, these classes can provide the energy needed to sustain busy schedules.

Pickleball: For moms seeking a social workout that reduces the risk of injuries, consider pickleball. This is a sport similar to tennis but without the risk of injuries. Pickleball provides a cardio workout without straining the shoulders. The racquet is actually a paddle and the ball is light-weight. Considering it’s a multiplayer sport, this is a good option for carpooling moms who can schedule games together and consider babysitting services at a location with courts.

Pilates classes: Another option to consider, one that uses bodyweight over free weights, is Pilates. This workout uses all parts of the body requiring a focused concentration for maintaining postures. Similar to yoga in terms of breathing and body control, Pilates is a perfect choice for the busy mom seeking a full-body workout without harsh movements that put pressure on the joints.

Barre workout classes: Barre workout classes for balance, strength, and tone are another option. These workouts are performed in a studio room with ballet bars. Busy moms looking for a complete workout with a challenge should opt for the Barre experience. Participants do not need to be ballerinas to participate, but they should look forward to achieving the balance and body tone that is commonly associated with ballet dancer physiques.

When considering fitness options, busy moms should first identify fitness objectives. Is it stress reduction? Is it weight loss? Is it balance and strength? Choose accordingly and dedicate the bit of time needed to locate the facility and classes that fit these personal fitness goals. The little time needed to search for the right location is time invested in your health and well-being.

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