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An Easy Guide To Unclogging Double Kitchen Sink

Double kitchen sinks are multitasking and help in making everyday kitchen tasks much easier. For example, you can let veggies soak on one side and fill up a pot or wash it on the other side. They can be split down the middle or built in an asymmetric way. Both shapes are very practical and save time and effort spent in the kitchen. However, when the sink gets clogged, it is a nightmare. This article will provide you with an easy guide to unclogging double kitchen sinks.

Installing a double sink in your kitchen technically means that you have two sinks that share the same draining pipe system. Therefore, sometimes when you use the wrong tools and wrong ways to unclog one side, you fill up the other side with grease and dirty water. Here is what you can do to unclog a double sink.

1.Plug one Sink First

Before using the plunger, you need to plug one sink, then start plunging to push the water out of the other sink into the drain. This way, after a couple of minutes, both sinks will be empty and the water will be able to run down the drain. When you plug one sink, you will push the clog loose while preventing the water from filling up the other one.

2.Seek Professional Help

Do not attempt to use the wrong tools to unclog the sink like clothes hangers or wooden sticks. These tools won’t work and might cause more damage. The best solution to avoid any further damage and save time is to seek professional help. Certified plumbers at recommend that you seek plumbing service that is available for you 24/7. This way you will not waste time waiting for help, and it will get fixed from the first time.

3.Boiling Water & natural Drain Cleaners

Sometimes the answer to the most complicated problems is the simplest. You can simply boil some water and pour it down the drain a couple of times. Moreover, in many cases, drain cleaners can save the day. You can either try conventional drain cleaners or DIY drain cleaners. Vinegar and baking soda can do the job. First, pour one cup of baking soda in the sink, then pour one cup of vinegar and let it sit in for an hour, then flush it with boiling water.

4.Remove the Trap

First, put a bucket under the sink’s draining pipe, then find the pipe connectors on both sides of the trap and unscrew them. Now, try to remove the blockage, then rinse the trap by holding it underneath hot water and let the water run through the pipe. Finally, put the pipe back under the sink and screw the connectors back and try running hot water in both sinks for five minutes.

5.Remove Clog by hand

If the clog is located at the drain’s top, all you have to do is simply put on rubber gloves and take out the clog by hand. Then, run boiled water for about 1 minute to make sure that the drain is clean and unclogged.

6.Snake It

When the clog is really hard to break down or dissolve, then it is time to snake the drain. Using the auger will allow you to go deep into the pipes and remove what is blocking the way. When you are done, run boiled water for 1 minute down the drain. However, since this method is a bit aggressive, you need to wear protective eyewear and gloves so that you protect yourself against anything that might get splashed out of the pipes your way.

Of course, it is better that you prevent your sink from getting clogged by keeping it clean all the time and removing food scraps and debris once you see them. Double sink clogs are a real nightmare, as when you try to unclog one sink using the wrong tool or ways, you will end up flooding the other one with grease and dirty water. Moreover, when ignored, a clogged sink can cause other problems. Therefore, the best solution is to always seek professional help to save yourself the effort, time, and inconvenience of trying to break down the clog yourself, which can be really messy. However, you can try using simpler solutions if the clog is not that serious like pouring boiled water down the drain or using conventional or DYS drain cleaners. No matter what you do, protect your hands and face as some harmful debris can jump out of the pipes your way. 

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