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And The Award Goes To Your Body

Too often, we take our bodies for granted or outright dislike them. We focus on aesthetic issues like rolls, slightly large noses, and other stuff that probably doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. And, just like that, we send negative messages to our bodies and, ultimately, to ourselves.

Nowadays, there’s plenty of advice about overcoming these feelings, much of which advises standing naked in front of a mirror and casting non-judgemental eyes on what we see. The more we look at our bodies, after all, the more we begin to realize that they might not be as bad as we thought.

But, is ‘not bad’ really enough when it comes to the powerhouse that is your body? We don’t think so, which is why we’ve got some top pointers to keep in mind that should help you love rather than accept your body next time you embark on this practice.

# 1 – That body gave you children

Image Source: CC0 License

We couldn’t start this list without mentioning the miracles that are your kids and the part your body played in them. Irrelevant of extra flab, stretch marks, or whatever, your body grew, nourished, and eventually birthed the best things in your life. Doesn’t that deserve a little love and appreciation? You were there, after all. You know that stuff wasn’t easy! Instead of turning your nose up next time you’re looking at your excess skin, remember why it’s there. The chances are that continually turning your mind back to this should soon see you loving rather than loathing the body you’ve got.

# 2 – That body is the best healing mechanism you’ve got

We spend a lot of time appreciating medicine without often taking the time for our main healing mechanisms – our bodies. Think about it; do those plasters and creams heal your cuts, bruises, and scars? No, but your body does! Even if creams help to speed the process, your body that takes care of the big stuff. Equally, it’s your body that fights infections and removes toxins. Heck, cutting edge treatments like platelet rich plasma (PRP) are even proving that our body has the most power when it comes to cosmetic procedures. So, instead of hating the skin you’re in, think about the miracles it stands to offer. It might not seem half as bad with that magic in mind.

Image Source: CC0 License

# 3 – That body keeps you alive without your even knowing

Even when it isn’t working to heal you, your body keeps you alive daily. It operates the central systems that you need to keep on the healthy straight and narrow. It keeps your heart beating, your lungs breathing, and a whole lot more besides. And, most often, you won’t even notice those things happening! Simply watch the rise and fall of your lungs next time you’re looking in the mirror, and you might find it that bit harder to hate what you see. Who knows; you might even learn to love it at last!

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