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Attending An Engagement Party: Our Top Tips

It’s always an incredibly exciting time when a friend or family member gets engaged. You know once the question has been popped (and their other half has said yes) that a lot of parties, events and celebrations are to follow. First on the list is certain to be the engagement party, and it’s the perfect occasion to properly congratulate and celebrate with the couple. From outfits to gifts, there’s a lot to consider. But before the party comes around, here are a few top tips to make sure you tick all the boxes…

Check the dress code

There are no rules when it comes to engagement party dress codes, it’s purely up to the couple. With this in mind, it’s always best to check what the vibe is. If it’s casual, you don’t want to arrive dressed to the nines, but alternatively, no one wants to turn up in jeans when the rest of the guests are in full glam. Hopefully, this kind of information will be on the invitation, or if not, you might be able to guess from the party venue. Either way, it’s always a safe bet to double check beforehand.

Offer an engagement gift

Usually, it’s normal custom to buy the couple a gift as an offer of your congratulations. In some cases, couples might ask for something specific, perhaps contributions to the wedding budget, or some couples might ask you to donate to charity. If nothing is mentioned, it’s best to assume you should buy them something, even if it’s small. What you buy really depends on your budget. Something small and personalised is a lovely sentimental gift, whereas bigger budgets might offer a household item like a blender or food mixer. If you’re unsure of what you should buy, these unique engagement gift ideas are a great place to start.

Get to know the guests

If you’ve been invited to the engagement party, you’re probably going to be invited to the wedding, too. It’s always a good idea to get to know the other party guests, especially if you don’t know many of the couple’s friends and family. This way, when the day of the wedding arrives, you won’t feel awkward or like you’re surrounded by a bunch of strangers. Even if you only get to know two or three people at the engagement party, you will be grateful when the wedding day comes around.

Don’t get too into the party spirit

Everyone loves a party, and you should absolutely enjoy yourself. However, it’s best not to be remembered as the one who partied too hard at the engagement party – people will remember it when the wedding day arrives. Remember that the couple’s parents and family friends will also be there, so don’t leave a bad impression as the friend who took it too far (even worse if you are one of those family members and your gran sees you in full party mode). Remember to have fun without embarrassing yourself or the hosts! We promise you’ll be grateful for this tip when you avoid the pre-wedding drama!


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