How Campuses Can Encourage College Student Wellness

October 15, 2021 in Life Made Easier - No Comments
Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels Students have been heading off to college to study for centuries, but the role that colleges have played in their life has changed a great deal over the years. Colleges today are concerned about nurturing not just their students' intellectual growth but their overall mental and physical health. Why Encourage Wellness? Universities… Read More »

Anxiety in Teens: What Parents Need to Know

October 15, 2021 in Life Made Easier - No Comments
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels Many mental health disorders can already be present by age 14, and anxiety disorders are the most commonly occurring psychological conditions in the United States. Some people recall always having a sense of fear and anxiety from an early age while others didn't begin to experience symptoms until adolescence or early adulthood. You… Read More »

Decor Tips For Your First Ever Home

October 15, 2021 in Life Made Easier - No Comments
Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels Moving out of your family home and into your first-ever home is an exciting time. It is a new stage in your life where you finally become independent. Whether or not you are a keen interior designer, here are some great decor tips to help when it comes to moving into your… Read More »


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