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Automating The Home Comforts Of Your Life

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We all rely on and are nourished by the home comforts we enjoy. Of course, chief among all of our home comforts would have to be our family. There’s nothing quite like sitting on the couch and watching a movie together or playing a silly board game with some pizza. These are the moments we deeply remember and truly cherish. But of course, while this is king among all other home creature comforts you can enjoy, it’s hardly the only one available to you. Sometimes outfitting our home in the best manner possible can help us look forward to heading there more frequently, or potentially give us a deeper quality of relaxation and entertainment in our free time.

Many entrepreneurial blogs or business-only publications will often push how free time should only be used productively, and how every hour of your day must contribute to something. While motivation is important, we must find time to be people within all of that daily rushing. Chances are your plate is relatively full already, so a little free time used well for yourself can help you return to Earth, to feel more like yourself, and enjoy that which is around you. We couldn’t blame you for wanting this one bit.

Automating the home comforts of your life could be considered a truly wise approach. If your free time is there to be enjoyed, you don’t want to waste half of it arranging some of the best content or products you have to source. For this reason, we hope to suggest a range of excellent choices you may utilize in order to make recreation a true art.

Consider the following:

Home Automation

Of course, home automation is perhaps one of the best places to start when it comes to any form of ‘automating’ ideal. This term can be applied to a range of appliances that make home life a little easier to deal with in the short-term organizing habits you must employ. You may recognize these appliances by a different name – ‘home assistants’. Home assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, the Apple Pod and a range of third-party options might be considered surplus to requirements for anyone who has yet to see their value. Of course, you’ll still be able to live perfectly well without one of these items. However, if you’re looking for that extra value-added convenience, you couldn’t do better than picking up one of these units.

These appliances truly shine when connected to other smart home implements such as your lights, your home security or perhaps even your smart refrigerator. They can tell you the weather, help you learn the traffic patterns of the day, start your morning with an excellent period of meditation music or perhaps a kicking 90’s music playlist to get you up and at them. While you may not imagine these items as being that useful, it’s the small timesaving allowances that are the most notable year. A sentence spoken aloud can take much less time than bringing out your phone and searching for the answer to your question.

While it might seem like awakening to your curtains being opened and your lights slowly undimmed seems like something out of a cheesy 80’s spy movie, having this actually happen can feel refreshing, and is a more natural manner of waking up than having your phone alarm blaring at you to ‘start your day or else!’ Better yet, all of this can be planned ahead of time through the week, helping the small matters of your day remain solved before you even get to them.


Of course, even with the use of home assistants, our society is not yet at the level of technological development to have rendered commutes obsolete. This is a sad fact of life, but one of many we have to swallow. However, you can absolutely choose what you would most like to do with this time of the day you have to spend behind the wheel, or sat on a train. We would recommend using your device to listen to a range of important items. For example, a range of podcasts can help you keep up on the news of the week, on fitness or business developments, or perhaps what’s going on in the world of movies or music. However, while podcasts are essential and often free, audiobooks could be considered the better manner in which to spend your time.

An audiobook is, of course, a reading of print material, but thanks to its meticulously researched and developed prose or nonfiction literature, it has potentially more grounding in the context provided to you. This can mean that each morning, you can listen to something profoundly unique, perhaps on topics, you might not have explored before. Podcasters, while admirable, often don’t have an editor present because it would ruin the playful banter between the hosts. Audiobooks, however, were edited prior to publishing, and thus have a wonderful sense of focus about them. You never know just how much you could learn. Thankfully, Audible and other services have monthly subscription services in which fresh new options could be delivered to you and recommended to you, consequently qualifying for our ‘automation’ needs.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes could be considered some of the most useful items you may ever take into account. From weekly ingredients to sports packages for children, finding a list of subscription boxes could potentially help you learn about a range of items you didn’t even know you needed. Thankfully, these items have been meticulously sorted through and crafted with regular delivery in mind, of which similar or alternate belongings could be received each and every time. This not only adds a sense of novelty to each delivery but could potentially help you gain items that come as a nice surprise. These boxes are often extremely cost-effective and designed with your needs in mind, and there are no end to the range of boxes you might choose. Selecting one of these might just serve as a wonderful recurrent gift for your child, might bring with you a list of ingredients for your meal-prep Sunday, or perhaps give you the tools to indulge deeper into a new hobby. With a regular delivery each month, you needn’t worry about the cumbersome process of re-ordering and remembering.

Necessary Needs

Your necessary needs are undeniably the most important considerations you could take care of. Thankfully, you can automate these to a certain extent also. For example, there are services out there that allow you to have your medicinal prescriptions regularly delivered to you, helping you eliminate the need to drive to a pharmacy each and every night, giving you the peace of mind that there will always be the health items you need to function by your side. For some prescriptions, even a missed dose can prove difficult to deal with, and so with this in mind, you may be in for some real personal benefit. Not only could this be essentially important for you, but also your relatives that you wish to care for, such as your grandparent who might be having trouble remembering to pick up their prescriptions each and every week.

The Child In You

Exploration is, of course, one of the most nourishing things we can do, as it seems to speak to the human spirit. Of course, automating full vacations may not be the easiest thing to do, and besides, this is likely the one time of year you really do want to put your full effort into orchestrating an experience, because that’s half of the fun. However, when it comes to the little days out, you might decide that automating your potential experiences can help you see things you might not have done, or give you more of a reason to leave the house every weekend. This could be even better if struggling to find activities to enjoy with your kids. Signing up to an activity ticketing or coupon service can help you find a new activity each weekend, and you might even get a juicy deal before attending each one. For example, this weekend you may be headed to a beautiful natural farm, next weekend you might be given tickets to a theatre show opening near you.

The child in you can often respond the best to these kinds of surprises. While we might not have a parent lovingly bringing us from place to place as we used to, a service like this can somewhat provide that surrogate feeling, and help you deliver it to your children more appropriately. Not only does this give you a wonderful experience to partake in, but can also help you squeeze the most out of your free time, help you find new hobbies or venues to head to once more, and generally craft the memories you deserve.

With these tips, automating the home comforts in your life will surely have a positive effect. We wish you nothing but success in your efforts.

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