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She Likes to Eat & Make Messes, Too


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Baby Akilah has been enjoying solids for a while now. While breast milk still plays a huge role in her diet, she demands to be served whatever everyone else is eating and sometimes, she simply takes what she wants. Juicy has yet to learn not to leave his food around her. Miss Honey has shredded pancakes, torn into burritos and pulverized chips. Not only does she live for the tastiness of food, but the experience of mess making too.


I’ll admit, food messes stress me out. And I realize that by me preventing those messes (and trying not to waste food) by spoon feeding her the messy stuff, I’m taking away from the whole sensory experience. So I let her be a big girl and eat her oatmeal on her own. I fixed her plate and sat it down. Before I could even blink, this girl digs in and starts flinging oatmeal eeeeeeverywhere. Noooo. Ah well, I had to let her exercise her right to be a baby.


Having been faced with developmental concerns early on, her growth and development are our priority. As a mama, I’m always on the lookout for nutrient rich foods to make sure she has a well balanced diet. In Walmart’s baby aisle, I picked up some GERBER CEREALS to add to her meals as they provide an important source of iron. Two servings per day provides 90% of the iron babies need. In addition to iron, these baby cereals also provide calcium needed for healthy bones and teeth.


Gerber has a variety of baby cereals to satisfy your baby’s taste buds as well as meet your baby’s developmental needs. They are super easy to mix. You can mix them in with breast milk or formula providing the perfect flavor bridge into solids. For older babies and toddlers, you can mix them in purees. I like to mix the oatmeal cereal with applesauce and sweet potatoes. I think I may mix in a chicken broth with veggies for a savory meal next.

Have your kiddos had GERBER CEREALS? In what ways did you mix them to provide your baby with flavor variety?


Friday 23rd of December 2016

I have zero knowledge about Gerber Organic Oatmeal until I found your post. Thank you for sharing! Dealing with breakfast mess can cause us stress, but it's still the bond between mother and child during mealtime that matters - it's priceless.


Thursday 3rd of November 2016

I distinctly remember a photo of me making a food mess when I was a toddler. You get to have so much fun as a kid! You've done some clever ways of mixing in the baby food to support your kids' health. I would've never thought of that.

Christina Aliperti

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

She is such a little cutie!! My son loved to play in his food too, lol. Gerber cereal was the first thing he ate after formula.

Lisa Thompson

Tuesday 1st of November 2016

It's amazing how much of a mess babies can make when they eat! What's more surprising is the mess older kids sometimes make!!! It's crazy!

Anitra | The Mom on the Move

Tuesday 1st of November 2016

Food mess stresses me out TOO! OMG. And my babies haven't been babies in 7 years. I'm still stressed about it! LOL

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