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Back to School // Customized Composition Notebook


By now, we’ve all loaded up on school supplies for the school year. Did you spend more for trendy styles or did you take the minimal approach with basic supplies? As tempting as it is to grab the cute stuff, we opted for the basics. I like to treat myself to a cute notebook here and there, but the kidlet gets the simple supplies. “Mean ol’ Mommy!” Right? But seriously, kids don’t care and anything a step up from the ordinary is a treat for them. Because I’m the creative type, I thought it’d be fun to customize a journal that Jayden can write and doodle in.

Using Duck Tape is one of the easiest ways to customize school supplies since it’s so versatile and available in many fun prints. I picked up some Duck Tape and a mustache patterned Duck Tape sheet for this project and planned to incorporate some digital artwork. I designed a simple cover to go with the mustache theme. We love how it turned out and hope you enjoy putting your spin on this fun tutorial!



1 Composition Notebook
1 Duck Tape Sheet
An assortment of Duck Tape Rolls
Mod Podge
Printable Artwork (printed on card stock)

Find all these materials at Walmart!



Brush a light coat of Mod Podge on to the front of the composition notebook. Position and fix mustache printable on top of notebook. Fold, wrap, and tape edges around the inside of the front cover or trim them with scissors. Follow the same steps (sans Mod Podge) covering the back cover with the mustache Duck Tape sheet.

Using white Duck Tape, create a bind by taping down the left side of the front cover, letting some of the tape overlap the back cover. Using black Duck Tape, frame the top and bottom of the front cover, being careful not to let it overlap the back cover.

Mustache Printable: I’ve made the printable available (get it here), but you will have to get creative writing “child’s name is” directly on to the paper. I’ve tried creating an editable text layer for PDF format to no avail. Since I was unable to, I’m offering the JPEG instead. Sorry guys!



If you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, you may also enjoy how The Domestic Diva and Unsophisticook customized school supplies with Washi Tape!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.






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