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Bathroom Tips That Make Washing Your Hair Fun Again

Photo by Curology on Unsplash

Experts recommend washing your hair every 2 to 3 days. Of course, the perfect timing varies depending on your hair and your lifestyle. However, since the pandemic, our attitude to hair wash has changed dramatically. For those who continue to work from home, there are many reasons (or excuses) not to wash hair as frequently. First of all, home-based workers are working on average 3 extra hours a day, compared to the typical office hours. As a result, they may struggle to make time to keep up with their hair routine. 

Others find that washing hair can be messy and clog up the shower or the bathtub. 

Family, others admit they are becoming more sensitive about heat and styling damage since the start of the pandemic, and worry that indoor air could have affected their hair health. 

Since March 2020, people tend to wash their hair once a week or even once every 10 days. However, delays could lead to an itchy scalp, oily hair, and flaking. So how can you bring back the joy of freshly washed hair? 

Invest in the right product

You may want to invest in quality products that work for your hair type. Did you know that a lot of products contain harmful chemicals that could damage your hair? Ideally, paraben-free treatments are a better approach for a healthy and soft mane. If you’ve been struggling with unhealthy hair, you might have been concerned about tackling some of the side effects, such as reducing hair wash frequency in an effort to treat thinning hair. But switching to products that contain plenty of essential vitamins and minerals without any of the harmful stuff could help nourish your hair. Besides, healthy hair means less clogging and frizz! 

Don’t mix towels and products

Everyone is different. So, it would seem counterproductive to buy only one shampoo for the whole family, when you might have different hair requirements. Having the appropriate hair care product will leave your hair feeling soft and clean, which makes the whole experience more enjoyable. You also want to keep towels separate, using a labeled display, for example, so that everyone knows which towel to use. 

Love your scalp

We wash our hair, but how often do we wash our scalp? This might seem like an odd idea, but your scalp can be the underlying cause of many hair issues. Therefore, it can be helpful to take steps to boost the scalp skin health and prevent unpleasant surprises. The typical scalp care routine should include a frequent and gentle exfoliating process, lukewarm washing to preserve moisture, and massages. You can find handy scalp massaging brushes that you can use in the shower to spread shampoo evenly and enhance health. 

Let it dry naturally

Heat damage is frequent for people who use hair dryers or hair styling tools too often. It can be uncomfortable to let your hair dry naturally. A cozy head turban in an absorbing material can catch all the cold water droplets as your hair dries. It’s a great way of giving your hair a rest or even keeping your hair treatment on without disrupting your routine. 

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Unhealthy hair can be brittle, frizzy, and unmanageable. Because it becomes hard to look after, you may be tempted to fall behind your hair wash routine, which can aggravate the situation. Little changes in your bathroom, from changing your products to having an individual hair towel, can help boost your hair health and make washing stress-free again.

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