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Bathtime Is an Act of Our Toddler’s Self-Care



“I stinky.”

“I wan take a bath.”

These are the declarations spout off by our tiny little princess after she has taken a doodie.

Having a little girl is a bit different than boys. She spends far more time in the tub than her big brothers did. She has got to be clean, honey! While it took many women to get a handle on self-care, Kiki has already led the way in her own self-care practices. We could all learn a thang or two from Miss Honey.

While I am normally more than happy to spend a little Mommy and Me time with my favorite girl, mama has been incredibly wiped these days and so Daddy gets tagged in for the bathtime duties.

And honestly, is there anything sweeter than a baby girl enjoying time with her Daddy?

We’ve been a bit more diligent about moisturizing our girl’s skin and Baby Dove has been stellar in not only allowing us to enjoy bath time more but helping keep Kiki’s skin so incredibly moisturized. Yes, we’ve always been a Dove family, but Baby Dove’s sensitive moisture line has given us even more of a reason to love this iconic brand. You know it’s a big deal when your husband can be heard low-key raving about the efficacy of a skincare product. 

“This stuff is pretty good!” Hubs can be heard from the bathroom.

And I chuckle “Told ya!” because I know exactly what he’s talking about. We trust Baby Dove’s sensitive moisture to keep Kiki’s delicate skin moisturized and baby smooth. The wash lathers well and leaves her skin squeaky clean and soft. The lotion is the cherry on top as it contributes to softness, lasting up to 24 hours. This could also explain how the little lady has also developed a new obsession with bathing and lotion. Could it be because she knows Baby Dove is waiting for her?

My girl. Like mama like daughter. May these self-care practices remain in place now while she’s 2 and 30 years from now. I love that she’s gotten this down already. I could totally take a lesson from her.

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Monday 26th of February 2018

Adorable pics!! The way you talk about it makes me want to try it for me.

Karen Akpan

Friday 23rd of February 2018

Omg she is TOOO Cute !! Her Hair, oh my !! And I LOVE Dove. I actually use dove to shower. I use it for my 5yr old as well. However it's the regular dove though, not baby dove, lol. It does keep our skin super soft!


Wednesday 21st of February 2018

Doe has some of the best products. I had no idea that they had a baby line!


Wednesday 21st of February 2018

Aww, how cute! This reminds me of the time when my son was little. He loved water big time and always had fun at bath time.

Lisa Bristol

Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Baby Dove is the only soap I can use on my Daughter. It is so gentle we never have an issue. I would recommend it to everyone.

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