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Be Aware Of Hearing Loss

Admitting that you need hearing aid is a big, but often difficult, step. But regardless of whether you are affected yourself or act on behalf of a family member – we can assure you: Even if there are still many prejudices about hearing aids, the little helpers have been continuously developed in recent years. While the old hearing aids were still clearly visible, the new generation is very inconspicuous and discreet – and extremely powerful. But the first thing is being aware of the problem. It is important to look at tips on managing hearing health to improve your health. 

There are several causes for hearing loss. However, especially with a later onset of hearing loss, many sufferers still have concerns when it comes to purchasing a hearing aid.  

Hearing loss is often a gradual process that is not noticed until late. It is not uncommon for people from close personal surroundings to indicate a possible hearing loss. Those affected, on the other hand, often have problems admitting their hearing loss to themselves – or accepting it.

Hearing impairment affects the quality of life

Hearing impairment has a considerable influence on the quality of life: Especially in larger groups or in a noisy environment, it is often difficult, for example, to follow conversations and actively participate in them. Telephoning is also a real challenge for many people who are hard of hearing. As a consequence, many of those affected are slowly withdrawing from their fellow human beings, so that their social life is increasingly restricted. In other areas of life, hearing loss can even be dangerous, for example in traffic.

Just turn it down! Noise protection is important! 

At music concerts, doing DIY or on the construction site: There are many situations or jobs in which we are exposed to constant noise. One possible consequence for our ears is what is known as “tinnitus”. The affected people suffer from a distinctive beeping or whistling every day. Preventive hearing protection is therefore of the utmost importance, especially if you are regularly exposed to loud sounds. So don’t listen to music so loudly, just enjoy it at a lower level. Headphones are not best for this, so invest in good quality or listen to music around you.

Swimming protection for unlimited fun in the water 

Normally our ears cope very well with water contact – provided that the water finds its way outside. Still, there are some conditions where specific water protection for your ears or your child’s ears is absolutely necessary. Whether swimming or bathing: you can find individually made earmolds that perfectly protect the inner ear from water. Swimming protection is made of silicone material in any color and is particularly helpful for children with a small ear tube. You can buy ear plugs for all occasions so it’s best to look at using these for certain situations. You can use earplugs for more than just loud noises, even just to block out noise around you too. So there are multiple benefits!

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