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Beauty Treatments to Consider Trying Out

Photo by Daniel Xavier from Niawigs

If you’re considering stepping outside of your usual beauty regime and are considering trying out some new or different treatments, there’s a whole world that awaits you. The beauty industry is forever growing and people are coming up with increasingly innovative and impressive ways to alter the way we look. Of course, it’s great to feel comfortable and happy in your own skin and if you’re not interested in beauty procedures, that’s fine. But if you feel like you will be more comfortable and happy with a change, that’s okay too! Here are a few beauty procedures you might not have considered before!

Eyebrow Treatments

Differently shaped eyebrows come in and out of fashion. You might want to follow the trend, you might want to stand out from the crowd and go for a style or shape that’s completely unique to you. Either way, you may want to consider some eyebrow treatments that will help you to achieve the shape you desire. There are a few different options out there. One of the most popular nowadays is threading. This is ideal for those of us with a low budget, who want to have a neat finish with no stray hairs. Originating from Asia and the Middle East, eyebrow threading involves the use of a string to pull hairs from the root out. The string will brush against your skin and pull even the thinnest and lightest of hairs. Many people prefer this option to waxing, as it is better for sensitive skin (waxing removes the top layer of skin cells) and it can prove much more precise than plucking.

Another eyebrow treatment that is on the rise, however, is microblading. If you find that you have relatively sparse brows and want a bolder, fuller and more defined look, microblading could be perfect for you. It’s essentially a semi-permanent form of eyebrow tattoo artistry. A professional will discuss what shape and style you want and will then implant pigment under your skin with a specialist handheld tool. They’ll draw hair-like strokes that will give the appearance of natural hair! While the procedure can be a little uncomfortable and falls into a higher price bracket, it’s generally worth it!


Now, you might not have heard of EMSCULPT before. But it’s definitely interesting and worth knowing about! This is a non invasive form of body contouring – essentially, it builds muscle around your butt and gives the effect of a butt lift without the surgery! High intensity focused electromagnetic techniques are used to craft your derriere into your desired shape and size. There are, of course, plenty of details you’ll want to know before diving in the deep end and getting involved, so do a little research and reach out to the professionals with any questions you might have!

Eyelash Extensions

Chances are you use mascara on a pretty regular basis to enhance the look of your lashes. Many of us aim for fuller, longer eyelashes. But mascara isn’t the only option! You can also have lash extensions, which are a more semi-permanent option and can reduce the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the mornings!

These are just a few treatments available on the market. Take them into consideration. If you like the sound of them, make sure to use reliable, trained and qualified professionals who will complete them safely and to a high standard!

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