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Being a Full-Time Student and a Mom: Pros and Cons

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Becoming a student is always a challenge. However, your learning journey is likely to become even more challenging if you are a mom of a little kid. Although there are some cons of combining maternity and learning, you still need to know its benefits, too. Discover all the truth about the benefits and drawbacks of being a full-time student and a mother. 


Top Advantages Of Parenting and Learning Simultaneously 

There are tons of advantages to being a mother and a full-time learner. Here are just a few of them you might miss. 


Apply for Financial Support 

Learning might easily leave your budget empty. There is nothing new in the fact that tuition fees in most colleges and universities remain too high for many students. When you are a mom, you will also need to spend thousands of dollars on raising your kid – this includes buying food, toys, clothes, and other special tools for taking care of the little ones. Moreover, hiring a nanny is another significant source of expenses. So, how can a common mother cover all these costs?

It is important to note that there are dozens of programs available for moms who decide to start or continue learning during their maternity leave. You might need to explore the websites of your local communities and charity organizations, as well as learn more about state support. Receiving financial support will allow you to pay off your student loans much easier or cover some expenses required for buying books. 

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Become More Motivated 

As a rule, students with kids are more attentive and diligent than their child-free classmates. The reason is that they realize the true benefits and perspectives of receiving an education, as well as the career opportunities that will be opened to them after graduation. In other words, full-time learners who have children usually have better motivation. 

So what if you are a highly motivated learner? The hidden truth is that you will likely have top-notch academic performance and get more practice during your studies. As a result, you will have deeper knowledge in your area and higher chances of finding the job of your dreams after graduation. 


Make Your Kid More Communicative 

Moms who are full-time students often take their kids with them for lectures. A child meets many new people, dives into the uncommon atmosphere, and becomes more socialized than many other kids. This will make your child more communicative in the future. Consequently, becoming a mom and a student at the same time has many benefits not only for you but for your children, too. 


Disadvantages of Taking Care of Kids and Learning Full-Time

Learning requires completing numerous academic assignments, exploring countless topics, and gaining loads of new knowledge. However, when you need to raise your child during this time, your learning becomes even more complicated. However, this is not the only disadvantage you need to know about. 


Forget About Having a Job 

Learning full-time and taking care of your kid will take all your time. Not to mention, you will also need to do household chores, go shopping, and cook. You might also need to look for a nanny and treat your child with medicine when they get ill. All these activities are also incredibly time-consuming. Consequently, you will not have any time for even a part-time job. 


Hire a Babysitter 

Although you will have a chance to take your kid to college or university with you, it is still important to hire a babysitter. This childcare professional will stay with your kid when you learn. The fact is that these services are usually not cheap. As a result, you might suddenly face an empty budget. 


No More Eight Hours of Sleep 

Babies and little ones might often wake up during the night, so you will need to spend time with your little one even if you are feeling incredibly sleepy. Furthermore, you might also have sleepless nights before important exams and tests.

All in all, becoming a full-time student and a mother has many pros and cons. Still, we believe that giving birth to a child is the most amazing miracle in the world. Of course, it might be difficult to combine parenting and learning, but you will not likely regret your decision to gain education years later. 


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