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Being Confident Is Easier Than You Think 

Being comfortable in our own skin is not something that comes easily to everyone. Whether you’re watching your pre-teen start comparing herself to her peers, or you’re grappling with how to have more self-confidence in your thirties – there are ways to make things a little easier on yourself. Some are easier to implement than others, but they are all achievable. So, keep reading and remember how to love yourself once again. 

Unplug Once In A While 

Comparison is the blatant thief of joy; we all know this. And, we also all know that what we see on people’s social media feeds isn’t always an accurate depiction of what’s really going on in their lives. We can intelligently know that things aren’t picture perfect for anyone all the time, but sometimes we can doom scroll social media profiles to the point that we start to compare ourselves a little too much to what we see online – and that’s just not healthy. So, make an effort to unplug once in a while. Remember, you’re going to be just fine if you don’t look at your phone for a few hours or even gasp! An entire day. So, make conscious efforts when you are on social media to remember that you, too, probably only show the best highlights of your life, and that’s all anyone else is doing too.

Additionally, remember there are people out there probably comparing themselves to you too. Hopefully, one day we reach a point where we’re all more authentic with our online presence, highlighting the highs and the lows (and sometimes we see that refreshingly), but it needs to be normalized. Until then, unplug and appreciate the beauty in your own world.

Address The Things That Bother You 

Maybe you’re struggling with certain things about yourself that you can tangibly get help for. Say you’re an anxious person, and you get insecure about impressions or interactions with other people, you can work with a therapist or counselor to help you overcome these fears. Maybe you struggle with adult acne and are frustrated with the money you’ve spent on over-the-counter treatments and aren’t seeing results. Prescription acne treatments could be all you need. These days you don’t even need to visit a dermatologist in person for most acne issues; you can do it online or via telemedicine. Whatever personal problems you have, they can be overcome with a bit of help from friends, family, and sometimes doctors. There is nothing wrong with reaching out for help to improve upon the things you know to make you feel more self-confident, which improves your mental health. 

Stay Connected The Healthy Way 

Our brains are not wired to receive information from a million different sources every day, which can lead to burnout and downturn in mental health, which directly affects self-confidence. But, they are 100% designed for interaction with other living beings. So, make an effort to stay connected to friends and loved ones through in-person visits, day dates, video chats, phone calls, and all other mediums available to us. If you live far from friends and family, consider adopting a furry friend to live with you and keep you company. Studies have shown that owning pets promotes longevity in human beings, so it’s worth having that constant companion that you can both show unconditional, beneficial love to. The important thing is to make sure that you’re staying connected to the things and people you love the most; not only does that boost your mood, but having a robust personal support system boosts confidence sky-high.

Have Fun Every Chance You Get 

Everyone’s idea of what’s “fun” might differ slightly, but most confident people embrace having fun often. Whether that’s singing songs at the top of your lungs in the car or the shower, getting dressed up just to go to the grocery store – or bigger things like planning special evenings out or vacations; it’s important to remember you want to maximize the fun in your life wherever you can. Life, though long, also flies by, so hopefully, you implement some of these in your day-to-day moving forward and live the most confident, shining version of your life you can. And, in case no one told you yet today, you are beautiful, and you are enough!

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