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Being Cynical In Some Areas Might Help You

In life, we’re always taught to be more positive and see the world in somewhat rose-tinted sunglasses. To some extent, this is the right thing to do. It’s easy to become anxious and nervous about life’s challenges but if you have an attitude to take everything in your stride, you’re more likely to be more open to new challenges. However, there are challenges and then there are uphill battles. Some have a few hurdles, some have a lot. So our mood is going to tend to vary by each different problem we face in life. In other words, you can’t stay a positive Patty forever. Eventually, from the experiences of life you’re going to become more skeptical about things. You’re going to second-guess people and situations. One might even say, you become a cynic. But is being so, good of you?

In your relationships

Have you ever been burned in a relationship? Have you ever been with someone and it’s been going great for a long time? Suddenly, something happens. You start to fall out, have more arguments and the love that was growing or was there, slowly begins to fade. You realize that your boyfriend or girlfriend, is starting to act like a new person. The tension and mental battles can lead to a breakup. When this occurs, you feel like you wasted your time and money, as well as emotions on this person. Becoming a cynic or at least approaching future relationships in a cynical way would actually allow you to take things slower. Rather than be confronted by the real side of the person months later, you’ll experience it much sooner because you’ll be wary of giving them your love and time. In other words, you won’t get hurt as easily and you’ll know when someone of great quality has entered your life.

Aging isn’t all that

When you get old, you’ll start to feel like the culture of ‘being old’ is kind of put-on or forced. They say, it’s great being old because you get to do what you want, you get to say what’s on your mind and no one can tell you to be quiet, etc. well, being a little cynical of the greatness that old age bestows upon individuals, you may want to read the thoughts of dr seuss on aging. It’s a funny poem that shows all the unpleasant things you might experience as you age. Being a cynic of the kinds of things you’ll have to deal with is a good thing. It means that you’ll enjoy the time you have now, enjoy the fact that you have your health and you’re able to go to the bathroom by yourself.

The best reason

The absolute best area to be the most cynical is money. You should be wary of your finances and what kinds of political parties and people are promising to lower or increase taxes and fees, etc. The more cynical you are with your money, the more precautions you’ll take to protect your money from the outside world.

Is it good to be a cynic all the time? No. Is it good to be optimistic all the time? No. You have to balance your character according to the situations that life throws at you.

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