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Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs for Children

Photo by Yan Krukov

When you are choosing the furniture for your child’s bedroom, you want to make sure that it is cheap, hardy and of course, safe for them to use.

As most children have books in their bedrooms, you will want to make sure that they (and you) have somewhere comfy to sit when reading stories, so what kind of chair is suitable for a child’s bedroom?

A bean bag sofa or chair is ideal for a kids’ room, due to how light these chairs are, the range of colors they come in, and their overall cost. If you’re not convinced that your child needs one of these for their bedroom seating, here are 5 reasons to reconsider.

Easy to Clean

You are a parent who has at least one child, so you will likely spend a fair amount of time cleaning floors and clothes. Therefore, you will want furniture for your child’s bedroom that is easy to clean. 

Some bean bag chairs have removable outer covers, which can be washed in a standard wash cycle and then hung on the line to dry. Others can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a touch of fabric soap. Either way, you will not have to invest a great amount of time or money into keeping this kind of chair clean, meaning you will be able to spend more time with your children.


It should come as no surprise that most parents decorating their child’s bedroom want furniture that has minimal impact on the environment. This means that more parents are opting for furniture made from recycled materials or furniture that is second-hand to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Luckily, the majority of bean bag-based chairs and sofas are made from recycled materials. Therefore, they are not linked to deforestation or factories that emit high levels of CO2. 


Children need chairs that are supportive to help their joints and muscles to develop properly. These chairs are usually filled with either shredded memory foam or actual Styrofoam beans, both of which are great at cradling the body fully as the child sits in them. 

In short, these chairs can help to correct posture and allow your child to reduce pressure points, all while also being bouncy and comfy. 

They Are Fun

Kids love to roll around, as it is fun and helps them to get better control of their muscles. While regular chairs can help them with posture, a chair full of beans can also help them to develop muscles in their legs, arms, and core while also being fun. Also, bean bag-based chairs are somewhat safer than other chairs too; a child cannot hurt themselves by walking into one and if they want to jump into the chair, they can do so without injury.

They Are Timeless

Suppose you were to buy a bean bag sofa or chair for your child when they are a toddler. As they grow, the chair will not need replacing, as your kid cannot outgrow it. Also, consider the timeless aspect overall of this type of chair. They never go out of fashion, and you can even purchase different materials to wrap them in. So, while your toddler may have a nylon-based cover now, when they become a teenager, they may want to upgrade the exterior to faux leather.  

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