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Best Baby Shower Gifts For First Time Parents

Some of the most fun parties you’ll ever attend are baby showers – they’re full of positivity and hope for the new parents, excitement to meet the new baby. Many first-time parents fill out incredibly lengthy registries for the things they want or think they need for their newborns, and while you should purchase them something off their registry, there are other items they may be forgetting because it’s their first time. The following are great gifts to include in your purchases for the next baby shower you’re invited to. 

A Snot Sucker 

The term “snot sucker” may seem cringy, but the reality is – babies get stuffy noses, they get tiny boogers, and anything else. While the size of your fingertip and the tininess of their nostrils aren’t compatible – and sticking a q-tip or anything else is never recommended – you need something to dislodge annoying liquids from the newborn’s nose safely. Enter the snot sucker. You can go manual or electronic, but these things are a lifesaver for new parents – and they probably don’t even know they need one! 


New parents can never have too many baby blankets. New parents usually go through a few blankets a day – using them as swaddles, burp clothes, nursing covers, and more. Cotton muslin blankets are super versatile and can even be used for tummy time. It may even become the baby’s beloved “blankie” as they enter into toddlerhood and like having a safety net like a treasured stuffie or blanket. 

Minimalist Ideas 

Speaking of sentimentality – if the parents you’re shopping for live a more minimalist lifestyle, and you’re not up to speed on gift-giving like a minimalist, there are some great minimalist ideas you could give to keep their home clutter-free. The best gift for the minimalist mom would be something that she and her baby will use. So, items like natural diaper creams, cloth diapers, pins, baby lotions, and washes. You can also include some gifts for the mom-to-be in your basket, like teas that promote lactation, nipple cream, and other self-care items. 

A Spa Treatment 

While this add-on to her registry list is indulgent, you could show her some love by purchasing her a gift certificate to a local spa so she can relax and be pampered. There is no doubt that she will be tired and a little bit stressed out as she gets used to motherhood, so paying for a day or self-love for her is priceless. You could even include in your card that you’d be more than happy to watch the baby while she goes and gets a massage, facial, or whatever else she chooses! 

The Gift Of Time 

Just as you could offer to watch the baby while she gets treatments, you could offer your time as a gift to the parents to be. This gift is especially significant if you are constricted by budget. You may not be able to afford that car seat they want, but you do have time to come over and help them out however they need it. You could also offer to clean their house once a week or every two weeks for the first few months. Walk their dog, tend their garden, cook some healthy meals. Whatever way they feel like your time could be most beneficial to them, offering it is one of the best gifts you can give. Be sure to include it’s redeemable at any time too! Lots of new parents get tons of attention and visitors those first few weeks, and then things taper off, and they feel alone, so maybe they’ll wait six months to redeem – who cares!

Baby registries should be something that you use to get the person who created it something they need, but as a parent, yourself, or someone who wants to be helpful – the above-mentioned gift ideas can set your gift apart from the others. They can also be more meaningful than random store-bought things that look “cute” but serve no purpose. Knock it out of the park next time you buy a baby shower gift by using the above ideas. 

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