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Best Tech Solutions for Your Small Business

News about new business technologies often focuses on medium and large businesses, and some of these solutions have associated costs that rise far beyond what a typical small business can afford. However, there are plenty of technologies that can help your small business succeed. Whether it’s a home-based enterprise, startup, or mom and pop, many of these investments will pay off in a short period of time.

Here are five of the best tech solutions for small businesses:


Many small businesses simply connect devices to a router for internet access and leave it at that. However, the most basic of networking technologies can let you connect devices, transfer files and collaborate seamlessly. Setting your devices to share files, for example, can typically be done at no costs and lets you avoid having to print out documents to share. Simple messaging and collaboration tools ease the process of working together, letting you and your employees work more efficiently.

Embrace the IoT

The Internet of Things is far simpler than many small business owners imagine. Sensors and other devices with wireless connectivity can be connected to your network, allowing you to monitor and control them from remote locations, among other tasks. In recent years, companies have discovered that using cellular IoT makes communication between devices simple by connecting anywhere there is a network. Explore your business domain to find out if there are options available; solutions might be more affordable than you think.

Customer Relationship Management

Your clients or customers are the lifeblood of your business, and managing your relationship with them is a top priority. Customer relationship management software provides a database of information about your customers than employees can pull up in a few clicks. These tools can be integrated with calendars, and they let you store easy-to-access notes about your relationship. Although technology can seem impersonal at times, CRM helps you maintain an organic relationship to keep your customers happy.

Modern Payments Solutions

Taking payments has historically been a difficult part of running a small business as providers are generally more interested in bigger companies. Smartphone-driven payment processing, however, lets you run credit cards and accept more modern forms of payment with just a few taps. Furthermore, these devices can let you take payments while away from the office, easing the process. It’s also worth taking a look at modern point-of-sale technology, which can provide an affordable and convenient means of handling typical transactions.

Social Media Management Software

It’s become nearly impossible to run a small business without having an online presence. Having a website is important, but many experts now point to social media as the best means of reaching out to customers and interacting. Social media management software provides a one-stop solution for keeping all of your online accounts in sync, and it lets you schedule updates and interact in a more seamless manner. Many providers offer affordable solutions for small businesses, and the time savings typically more than make up for any costs involved.

The fundamentals of running a small business haven’t changed much over the years. Modern technology, however, provides multiple paths to ease the day-to-day process and spend your time focused on more important tasks. Thankfully, small businesses haven’t been left behind, but note that your competition might be leveraging the strength of these technologies. In many cases, adopting new technology might be necessary to remain competitive.

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